Melt in the mouth seasonal goodies with The San Francisco Fudge Factory, Bath

For that someone who loves a sweet treat this festive season.

The San Francisco Fudge Factory in Bath kindly sent me some festive fudge to try this week.

The family run business has been making fudge for over 24 years in the centre of Bath, using only natural, locally sourced ingredients to create some truly creamy melt in the mouth fudge. As a company they are passionate about supporting the city and local communites, which has led them to support groups such as Focus Counseling, Dorothy House and Mindfulness. This really does make them stand out, not only do they produce delicious handmade products but they also think about giving back and supporting fellow Bathonians.


“100% Handmade right here in Bath, with absolutely NO artificial ingredients all of our fudge is GLUTEN FREE – apart from Cookies and Cream”

When popped into their shop earlier this year on the Savouring Bath Guilty Pleasures Food Tour and did not want to leave without trying all the flavours. From chunks of buttery fudge to peanut brittle, chocolate dipped marshmallows plus many more other handmade treats, their shop is a sweet tooths haven!

Great news! They even have vegan flavours too, including chocolate and peanut butter!










So the fudge…

I was sent Christmas Pudding and Salted Caramel flavours to try in a cute little gift box. Myself and Rob were VERY happy to take part in a taste test, however, if I’m honest I can never tell if I am a huge fudge fan. I am always to and fro whether I enjoy it or not but really, as soon as this fudge was placed in front of me I was more than happy to indulge!

I may not be able to eat it non-stop like I do with chocolate but actually that just helps it last even longer! It’s the perfect little bite to have when you have friends round for a cuppa or an after dinner treat.

My favourite out of the two had to be the salted caramel, and I’m not even a salted caramel fan. Rob said his favourite was the Christmas pudding flavour, and he hates Christmas pudding! So overall we were both pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed these flavours, therefore I think it’s definitely worth trying flavours that you wouldn’t usually go for.

Their cute little gift boxes of fudge like this one would be great Christmas presents for your colleagues, friends and family.

OR… just throwing an idea out their, instead of a ‘cheese board’ create your own ‘fudge board’ when you have family and friends over during the festive season. Buy a selection of different flavours of fudge, place them on a board and create a fun sweet treat for everyone to enjoy.

The time is now!

It’s the perfect time to pop and visit the fudge team on Church Street if you are visiting the Bath Christmas Market, which starts this Thursday 22nd November. Pop across to the fudge factory, located right next to the abbey square where many of the market chalets are situated. I’ve been told the shop now looks like a grotto and they are now offering mulled wine and cider – so remember that, if you don’t want to queue at the mulled wine stands in the market!

Anyway, thank you for reading this blog post peeps, I am now going to spend the rest of my Sunday relaxing, snuggled up in me blanket and eating some delicious fudge.

Thank you to the owners Maureen and Mark for creating this fabulous fudge and to Emma and the team at the Fudge Factory Bath for sending me this delightful treat! I will be popping in to buy some Christmas goodies very soon – get that mulled wine ready too!


Bring a smile to your friends face with a little treat from The San Francisco Fudge Factory, Bath. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or visit their website below.

TW: @BathFudgeShop

Order online at www.sanfranciscofudge.co.uk

6 Church St, Bath BA1 1NL – “The shop was located slap bang in the centre of the city, right under the shadow of the majestic Abbey.”

MONDAY – SUNDAY 9am – 6pm


My Neptune Experience: In Store & In My Home

The NEW Bath Store

We have been waiting for the Neptune store to arrive in Bath and it was perfect timing, after recently completing on a house that has the Limehouse Neptune kitchen fitted. This store is a showstopper, located in a converted old tram shed, it exudes style and contemporary living, inside and out.

As soon as you enter you instantly feel relaxed, walking into a calm oasis away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city – but still only a short walk from the main high street. It really is like you are walking into someone’s home. Who would have thought that visiting a furniture shop would make you feel this relaxed?

Just like walking into a warm welcoming home. I would love to snuggle up on that sofa and watch a film!

The store flows really well, walking from kitchen to living room to bedroom, of all different styles. The area I am a particular fan of is the homeware accessorises section with collections of beautiful jars, vases, photo frames, kitchenware and more. So far, on both of our visits we have left with at least one small accessory (we have now visited multiple times since writing this and bought even more 😉 FYI) .

That’s why I think it’s a great place for everyone, whether you have a Neptune kitchen or not, you can add small touches of Neptune throughout your home.

Artificial flowers – YAS! My go-to! (I’m rubbish with keeping flower alive)

The store displays various kitchens, including our very own Limehouse kitchen (below). It was great to see it all set up, helping us come up with new ideas for our home. We were inspired from room to room, making our interior thinking hats explode with excitement. I think the only problem we had was that we wanted every single thing in the shop. If only we could live in a house with four different kitchens!

On both visits we enjoyed sitting outside the front of the store on their terrace, trying out their various outdoor seating arrangements. It was lovely that the staff were so welcoming that even after we had bought something they invited us to stay, have a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine.

We can’t wait to keep popping in, to see the friendly staff and continue our interior design journey with Neptune.

Want to see our Neptune kitchen? Take a peek below…

Introducing our beautiful, stunning, Limehouse kitchen. We are SO happy with our kitchen – it’s the perfect style of contemporary combined with traditional country living. The warm grey colour makes the kitchen feel super cosy, making it a space we spend most of our time in.

Teapot and cups from Neptune.

From top to toe, this kitchen displays great quality craftsmanship. When we moved in we were told that the surfaces were even suitable for resting hot pans or cutting fruit and veg on. It’s really reassuring to know that this kitchen is made to last, using high quality materials.

Blue glasses also from Neptune.

Other things we LOVE about our Neptune kitchen:

  • The soft closing draws
  • Under counter lighting which can be switched on and off separately to our main kitchen light. It really adds to the cosyness at night
  • Deep draws which are great for stacking pots and pans
  • Multi-use cupboard storage – a hidden cutlery draw within one of the larger draws
  • The fridge, washing machine and dishwasher are hidden away so all cupboard doors match

As I mentioned before, it’s perfect timing for the Neptune Bath store to arrive! We just can’t wait to add more of Neptune’s seasonal homeware to our new abode.

(FYI: Their new Autumn season homeware is out now – think gorgegous rugs, throws, cushions, candles, all in warm Autumnal colours. It’s time to get snuggly again so have a little browse now and prep for those cooler Autumn nights www.neptune.com)

Thank you to Neptune for a great experience in store and in our home too!


You will be able to find a snippet of this blog post in their next magazine.

Thanks for reading peeps!

Never shopped with Neptune? Discover more at www.neptune.com

Closest stores for Bathonians – South West – Bath and Bristol.


The cool Kid of Bath’s Restaurant Scene – Fire & Brew

Welcoming you to the Bath’s local pizza and craft beer hub. This quirky, cool kid of Bath’s restaurant scene offers you delicious handmade pizzas and a super tasty selection of craft beers – many of them being made in Bath! Fire & Brew opened in 2016 by brewery owner and cider maker, Lee, Chris and Krow and has really become a favourite amongst locals.

What can you expect from the menu?

The main event, the hand stretched pizzas cooked with fresh, local ingredients are the first thing that pops out of the menu, all cutely named after surrounding streets of the restaurant (Moorland, Shaftsbury, St Kilda…).

But if you aren’t a pizza love (WHAT?!) then no worries, choose from other dishes such as nachos, salads, bruschettas or a sharing platters, there is enough to please everyone. AND YES, EVERYONE – they also have vegan (#plantbased) options on the menu too. Another fantastic date night place for me and Rob. WIN!

To start we shared bruschetta (with tomatoes, basil and garlic oil) and the garlic bread with vegan cheese. The garlic was A-MA-ZING – truly. I know we are just talking about garlic bread here but this really was amazing, and one of the reasons I loved it so much was because of the vegan cheese (Yay, finally, vegan cheese that tastes great!) I was dreaming about that starter for weeks after and we have since ordered on Deliveroo.

Onto the mains. The pizzas are the perfect size and thickness (obviously, depends on your preference – thick or thin) and scattered with a good amount of toppings.

I went for the Margherita, one because this is one of my favourites, even though it’s ‘plan old Janes’ choice but also because I really believe that the best way to see how good their pizzas are is to try the basic traditional, so if they can’t get that basic right and then it’s a no go…

But luckily, IT PASSED THE TEST!

Rob tried one of the vegan options, The Faukland (tomato base, roasted courgette, aurbergine, roasted peppers, red onion and vegan cheese. AND FINALLY I HAVE TASTED A GOOD VEGAN PIZZA. Both myself and Rob were really happy to see a great selection of vegan options on the menu and I would even order that vegan pizza myself (and I’m not #plantbased!).


To be honest with you I’m not much of a beer fan but since I was sat in a place that specialised in craft beer I thought I’d have to give something a try. We both got a pint each (yes, I got a pints worth haha) of Electric Bear Edison (British Pilsner). It was light, refreshing and really easy to drink. Now I can feel like a “cool kid” who drinks beer 😉 haha. I would happily order this again and can’t wait to go back to discover more delicious craft beers.

If you are a beer novice like me or a beer enthusiast then this place is the place to be. They have an extensive ‘beer bible’ to browse through, so take your time and try a few of the local brews.

We have beers from some of the UK’s & the world’s best new breweries including Electric Bear (naturally), Magic Rock, Beavertown, Tiny Rebel, Cloudwater, Fierce, Wild Beer, Wylam, Good Chemistry and many more! The range grows and varies often, with availability, seasonality and new releases.

(But if you really don’t like beer, not a problem. Fire & Brew also have a range of high quality spirits and snazzy cocktails to choose from)


To end we decided to have a bowl full of ice cream each, two scoops of Jules mint choc chip ice-cream for me and two scoops of vegan ice-cream for Rob, one mango, one coconut. But don’t worry, they also have a board full of desserts on offer, including nutella pizza, homemade cakes and affrogato (that’ll have be tried and tested next time).

Wondering when to visit?

What about brunch with your friends for £5 each – offering smoked bacon and avocado bruschetta, breakfast baguette + more. Or pop in for lunch and coffee with your pooch (yes, it’s dog friendly too – THE DREAM!) with a selection of wraps and smaller pizzas to choose from. AND don’t miss out on their fantastic pizza and drink for £10 too!

Overall we had a great dining experience at Fire & Brew. Staff were super friendly and attentive and you weren’t rushed out of the door once you had finished. I would really recommend visiting, whether you are eating alone or with friends and family, it’s warm relaxed “vibes” makes it’s a lovely place to eat and chill out.

Thank you to Fire & Brew for inviting me to review – it’s great to add another date night, vegan friendly (dog-friendly! ha) restaurant to our favourites list.


In the mood for pizza and beer now!? Find more details below.


Fire & Brew

49 Moorland Road



01225 356794



A beauty of Bath – it’s right on your doorstep!

Residents of Bath – GUESS WHAT?!


You get a fantastic discount for one of the city’s BEST attractions.



When was the last time you visited? Or are you going to shock me and say YOU’VE NEVER BEEN! (Whaaaat!?) I know I don’t visit enough – and why not, with a great discount like that AND a blissful, luxurious experience right on our doorstep! Why can’t it be the end of the month (or week) relaxation treat! We are so lucky to have access to such a place, being the only hot springs in the UK. The mineral-rich waters are located right in the heart of the city. Now, if you are a local and still haven’t been and want the quick low down (yes, I said low down – I’m cool yeah?) Then here’s a quick summary of what you can expect on your visit.


Grab you slippers, towel and robe from the front desk and glide you way into the spa. First stop, the Minerva Bath pool, with whirlpool, massage jet and lazy river. This space is sleek and kind of futuristic – the pool is an intriguing shape making you want to get in, lazy around and float from curve to curve.


Then make your way up to the NEW wellness suite, with luxurious steam rooms, an infrared sauna, celestial themed relaxation room, and an ice room you actually want to spend time in! These rooms exude Baths grandeur, with the mosaic of Minerva (the Roman goddess of health and wisdom) in a steam room and the luxurious finishings of all the rooms, it really makes your visit feel special.

Now, this is optional, but very much encouraged – book yourself in for a spa treatment and make your experience in more tranquil – or even try a hydrotherapy treatment in a private spa pool to REALLY relax in the waters.


Then, the finale… take the lift up to the top floor and viola… you are taken to the city’s oasis.

The lift doors open and you are greeted with the steaming calm thermal waters and the golden backdrop of the city. Here is the Open-air Rooftop Pool. Even though you are outside, in the middle of the city, you feel serene and calm, looking across to Georgian rooftops and seeing the tower of Bath Abbey in the distance.


But let’s not forget about Thermaes little sister, The Cross Baths.


Located just a hop skip and jump away from the Thermae’s main entrance is this little cute space which allows you to experience the waters all to yourself! This is the perfect spot to enjoy the benefits of the calming waters right in the heart of the city centre. You can hire this pool out for your own private use, enjoying a glass of prosecco or two in your own little bit of Bath.

(Use your Discovery Card to book The Cross Baths and receive a 50% discount for 1.5 hour spa session)

Visit the thermal Bath’s early in the morning or early evening and take a moment to drift off in the calming waters. We all know, as residents, the best times to be in the city centre is on a weekday, so why not visit with your partner or friends before or after work? Step away from technology, stop yourself from blonking yourself down in front of the TV after work and visit the Thermae Baths instead! These thermal hot springs are one of Bath’s most glorious gifts! Let’s make the most of it!


More information about using your Discovery Card:

Thermae Welcome, featuring a 2hr spa session with use of towel, robe and slippers, will be reduced for Discovery Card holders from £36 to £27 (Mon-Fri) and from £40 to £30 (Sat and Sun), giving full access to the thermal waters of the indoor Minerva Bath, a new Wellness Suite, the Springs Cafe Restaurant and the open-air rooftop pool with its wonderful views over Bath (children under 16 not permitted). Enjoy also a 50% discount for a 1.5hr spa session in the Cross Bath.

(You can still use your Discovery Cards at the weekend too)


Introduction to Mr & Mrs Woo Reviews

We’ve decided to combine our blogs for a NEW blog series called MR & MRS WOO REVIEW.


Ok, before we start we’d just like to say that, no, we aren’t actually married but obviously we are together (BF/GF).
The Name
It’s kind of obvious isn’t it… I’m KATIE WOO & that means my partner is MR WOO… right!? Haha! Not really – one because Woo isn’t my real last name (just a nickname) and two, we aren’t MR & MRS. But still, it’s catchy isn’t it?!
So what is this new blog series you ask?
As a couple we will be reviewing restaurants, cafes, hotels and more, from a couples point of view. We will be reviewing issues such as: Is it a good spot for date night? Is it a good place to have alone time? Is is a good place to relax? Multiple questions to review to make sure your “alone time” together is stress free, relaxing and fun.
Sooo… to start this series of blog posts we will introduce ourselves.

Mr Woo

(from www.ultrarunnerbean.com)

Hi I’m Mr Woo, a plant based runner who LOVES food. I decided to go plant based a year ago, but solely for health reasons and I will from time to time have dairy and meat. For example the cupcake I’m eating in the picture isn’t plant based! I love any kind of food and enjoy my time in the kitchen almost as much as I like spending time in restaurants. I spent 4 years living abroad and I love travelling and exploring, and I look forward to sharing my love for all of these in this new blog series!

Mrs Woo

Hello! I’m Mrs Woo (KATIE from KATIE WOO BLOG). My life basically revolves around food. If I go on holiday, it’s ALL about good food! I am a huge chocoholic – Mr Woo will vouch for that, seeing me eat large (I MEAN LARGE) bars of chocolate within seconds. I am also the type of girl who will eat cake and chocolate for breakfast (healthy I know! I need to work on that). So as you might have guessed I have a huge sweet tooth! I love eating out and discovering new restaurants/cafes. I am also a HUGE FAN of food styling since taking a course at Leiths in London as few years ago. You will usually find me taking a zillion photos of one dish (luckily Mr Woo understands). I like to think my appreciation of food styling is my excuse to always take a photo.
Each review will appear on both of our blogs. Still from our own point of view but with added contribution/feedback from the other half.
Our first Mr & Mrs Woo Review will be LIVE this week.
Please let us know if there is anywhere you think we should go and review. We’ve got a list together already but would love some more recommendations!

NEW “Guilty Pleasures” Food Tour with Savouring Bath

Treat yourself to an  indulgement  afternoon, tasting Baths finest guilty pleasures, meeting the cities great artisan producers and a behind the scenes look at many of Baths best foodie hotspots. Don’t miss out on this food tour!

Savouring Bath food tours are all about finding the cities best culinary delights from local, independent purveyors. I was really excited to join the press preview of the NEW “Guilty Pleasures” Savouring Bath tour. As soon as I heard the name I thought this would be a fantastic tour since the city has SO many great foodie sites. Plus I am HUGE CHOCOHOLIC, so this is right up my street!

So where to start, even as a Bath resident I know I didn’t know of EVERY foodie hotspot in town… and I was right! After attending this tour I found so many more amazing stores/cafes/restaurants I had never been to and learnt some much about the behind the scenes production.

Listening to the stories behind the local producers and their products really brought Bath artisan culture to life.

As the name suggests this tour is all about the food/drink we categorise as a “guilty pleasure”. Our enthusiastic, very informative tour guide Mike led us to the lesser known locations in Bath, taking us to the cities hidden artisan hotspots. We visited nine different outlets, tasting their best products and some specially curated samples. The tastings were both food and drink, and a mixture sweet and savoury treats.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Who are Savouring Bath?

  • This foodie tour company in Bath is all about highlighting and celebrating the city’s food revival in artisan produce.
  • Founded in 2016 by US born Jennifer Dugdale. She couldn’t understand why there was nobody offering regular tasting tours to Bath’s visitors, around the city’s incredible and unique food artisans, and so quickly set up Savouring Bath to plug a gap in the city’s tourism sector.
  • From 2017 Mike took over the company with his partner Mark, after Jennifer headed back to France.
  • sharing Bath’s incredible culinary history and the wonderful foods and artisans who continue to keep Bath firmly placed on the UK’s foodie trail.
  • The first food tours were “Food Heroes” & “Local Flavours”


This tour was fantastic! I would definitely book it again!

This tour focused on my favourite food/drink type – GUILTY PLEASURES! From chocolate, meats, teas, wines and cheeses – this tour gives you the chance of fully indulge for the afternoon. We were told to eat light before we arrived and that was definitely a good idea – there were a great amount of tastings over the 3-hour tour.

Something different to the traditional tourist spots in Bath. Walking down the quirky backstreets of Bath, finding hidden gems and culinary delights.

The locally made products and the effort they put into making bespoke food really made this tour feel unique and special. The producers we met emphasised the importance of supporting fellow artisan traders, whether it’s here in Bath or on the other side of the world.
Whilst nibbling/sipping on samples the suppliers would tell us about their business – where it started, what they specialise in, what their most popular product/dish is etc. Each artisan producer offered top tips on how to fully experience their store/cafe/restaurant.


We were introduced to local producers/traders, hearing their food stories and understanding the story behind their independent stores. They all had an interesting story to tell, whether it was bringing new flavours to the city from other countries or talking about their specialism and bespoke production of their products. Each producer projected a great sense of pride about their business.

All of this made it feel very special and unique to any other food tour as you really felt involved in Baths artisan culture.

At one of the tasting stops we were introduced a very talented producer –  the second person to win the prestigious ‘Roux Scholarship’.

I had a go at blowtorching the top of this lemon meringue pie. I felt the pressure, not only because of everyone in the group watching, BUT THE FACT THAT THERE WAS A ROUX SCHOLAR STOOD RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!

Mike (tour guide) was great and full enthusiasm. He had plenty of historical and foodie knowledge about the city. Whilst walking around the quirky backstreets Mike provided us with facts about Baths food history and great anecdotes. I learnt variety of interesting facts, facts that aren’t the traditional things you here on other tours in Bath.

He also kept each food stop a mystery, so you wouldn’t know where he would be taking you next.

“…We’ll take you to all the places where you’d love to go and indulge on a daily basis but really feel you shouldn’t!!”

Savouring Bath

Mike also gave us a selection of restaurant recommendations, pointing out the hidden gems that serve great food. Many of these are family-run restaurants, which would definitely give you a much more personal experience when eating out in Bath.


I would really recommend going on AT LEAST ONE of Savouring Bath tours. If you are new to Bath then it’s a MUST, to cover so many important foodie hotspots in Bath – some of which are the hidden little gems which many tourists wouldn’t stumble across. AND even if you live in Bath then it’s worth booking too, you’ll be surprised with how many things you might miss if you live in Bath. It’s great to have a few hours to fully take in and immerse yourself in Baths foodie artisan world.

Even as a resident of Bath I felt like a tourist in my own city, realising there were so many eateries/stores I hadn’t even noticed.

These tours are all about celebrating the best in Bath – the best products, makers and producers in the city. Allowing you to be part of the amazing artisan culture. So if you are visiting Bath or want to plan a day out then I would highly recommend booking this tour! Who doesn’t want to end their week with GUILTY PLEASURE food and drink?

Thank you to Mike from SB for inviting me on this tour. It was a great afternoon with a lovely group of people and delicious Bath bites! I’ll be back for another tour soon!

 ****** MORE TOURS… ******

“There are always new tours in production, and the team & suppliers are currently working on a vegan tour, a sweet treats tour, full day tours of food producers in the local region, as well as upcoming combined food & pampering experiences!” Savouring Bath.

To book the “Guilty Pleasures” tour OR another Savouring Bath Tour click here or email hello@savouringbath.com.

Tour Duration – 3 hours |  Price per person – £35

Operating capacity – min 2 participants, max 10 participants

Public tour schedule – Thursdays & Fridays at 2pm

For a minimum of 4 participants, this tour can run on request (Monday to Friday afternoons only).


Le Vignoble Bath Featured

NEW “Pick’n’Mix” Wine Lounge: Le Vignoble Bath

The Grand Opening of Le Vignoble – Love the Vine – Wine Lounge & Retailer


There’s a new watering-hole in town – a “self-service wine” watering hole. It was the grand opening of Le Vignoble (a wine lounge & retailer) a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to attend the preview and launch party and trust me, it’s worth a visit. 

Remember that feeling you had looking at the pick’n’mix when you were a kid, well I had that same excited feeling looking at the enomatic wine machines at Le Vignoble.

Pick’n’mix – just an adult version, with wine!!

If you wanted you could have a taster of every single wine!


This wine bar is like no other I have been too before. The super trendy enomatic dispensing system is set up with a large selection of wines to choose from.

Yannick Loué, co-founder of Le Vignoble started the company in Plymouth in 2011. They opened their first lounge/retail store in Royal William Yard in Plymouth. Six years later, after the success of their innovative concept of a self-service wine lounge, Yannick brought it to Bath.

Located in Milsom Place (opposite Hunter & Sons), this is the perfect wine oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. The space is light and open so you can still watch the passers by whilst you sip on a selection of high quality wines.

Le Vignoble, which means ‘the vineyard’ in French

So, how it works!

There are six dispensing cabinets in the lounge with a variety of different wines. You can see the bottle inside and below, in front of the (let’s call it) “WINE MACHINE”, there are tasting notes about each wine.

They change the wine in the dispensers monthly.

You can walk around to each dispenser, looking at the wines available and reading the tasting notes. It’s as if you are taking yourself on your own little wine tour. Nearly all the bottles offer a tasting option. You can get a shots worth (25ml) of wine in your glass starting from 60p – £8.70. This option gives you the opportunity to taste all the wines in the wine dispensers – a “try before you buy” experience. It’s a great idea!

Sizes available – 25ml Taster, 125ml, 175ml

For someone who isn’t a big RED wine drinker, I loved this idea. I can taste multiple red wines to find the right one for me.

Le Vignoble Cards

You can only use Le Vignoble cards when you use the wine dispensers (using your credit/debit card would probably be quite dangerous wouldn’t it!? Haha).

Card Option 1:  The Tab Card

A card for you and your friends to use throughout your visit and paying the amount at the end of your wine lounge experience. There’s no limit!

Card Option 2: The Top-Up Card

This is your own personal, private Le Vignoble wine card. Top-up with £5 or more and use this card without settling up a bill at the end of the night. This card makes you feel like you aren’t spending money at all (clever/dangerous idea) but it’s great as you can take this card away with you and can use it on each visit.

In order to get a Top-Up card you must put a minimum of £5 on the card. Money on the card is available for 1 year and can also be used at their wine lounge in Plymouth.

The reason I preferred this card over the Tab Card is because it keeps track of what wines you have tried throughout your visit. On your next visit you can be reminded what wine you tried, simply by asking them to check your card history.

Why Le Vignoble is different?


Yannick explained that he wanted to create a wine lounge that was welcoming and friendly, open to those who may not know a lot about wine. Their brand ethos is to appeal to new and experienced wine drinkers, and stepping away from “wine snobbiness”. He reminded us that wine is produced by farmers (and there is no snobbiness in that side of the production) therefore since the wine makers aren’t snobby about their wine means that the enjoyment of wine shouldn’t be pretentious or elitist either.

They focus primarily on small producers and unusual wines. The staff are happy to talk about the story behind each wine (they have 300 wines available!).

Why you need to visit!

You become your own wine connoisseur!

This is the perfect place for a date. Fancy, in the sense you are going out to drink good quality wine, but a friendly environment to feel relaxed and chilled. The self-serving concept it also a great talking point for any “first date awkward silences’.

It’s a fun place to visit whether you’re a couple or group of friends. You can try any wine you like and don’t have to make a commitment to drinking one wine; it gives everyone the opportunity to be their own wine conisseur.

The staff are there to help you, give you recommendations of wines you might like and knowledge about where the wines comes from. But, if you would prefer to discover and build your wine tasting knowledge yourself, that’s fine! You are given free range of all their wine dispensers and can expand your own wine knowledge by reading the tasting notes and sipping on tasters.

As mentioned before, this all lends itself to their ethos, stepping away from “snobby wine talk” and instead, focusing on your individual taste and palet.

A selection of charcuterie, cheeses and nibbles are on offer, to accompany your wine.



  1. Le Vignoble will be offering a variety of events such as “Meet The Winemaker” and themed food and wine nights (see Plymouths list of events for examples of what’s to come to Bath)
  2. There will be weekly talks about the wine industry/where it’s made/how to discover wine/how to drink it.
  3. Private wine tastings sessions available.
  4. Mégane, the manager of the Bath store is French and a champagne/sparkling wine expert.
  5. And if you are interesting in developing your knowledge even further, Le Vignoble offer WSET qualifications such as the Level 1 Award in Wines (QFC) & Level 2 course in Wines and Spirits.

Le Vignoble has so many things to offer, whether you want it to be your casual Friday night spot for a drink and nibbles OR if you want to learn more and expand your knowledge of wine. It’s an sleek, relaxed wine lounge that will definitely become one of the go-to wine bars in the city. I highly recommend a visit if you want a fun (and affordable) wine tasting experience.

Thank you to Yannick and all the lovely staff at Le Vignoble for a great party and for being so friendly. And thank you to Madeleine at CoCo PR for the invitation!

Le Vignoble Bath

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12:00 – 23.00 / Friday & Saturday 12:00 – 00:00 / Sunday 12.00 – 23:00

12/13 Milsom Place

Milsom Street



t: +44(0) 1225 465907

e: bath@levignoble.co.uk

Bar + Block Steakhouse Review

Bar + Block Steakhouse is situated on James Street West, just a stones through away from the city’s cinema and a short walk to the main highstreet. The restaurant is focused on serving great quality hand cut steaks accessible to all, giving customers the opportunity to customise their meal. With a large menu offering a wide range of dishes it is guaranteed to appeal both those “light-meal” customers and “hearty-meal” meat lovers.

We welcomed in by their super friendly waitress who walked us through the restaurant which is decked out with wood and leather, making it feel a warm and welcoming. We were seated on one of their sofa bench seating areas where we could glance across to their open fronted kitchen.

Starting with drinks we choose one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic drink (forgot to tell mum not to drive, damn it!) BUT it was great to try both sides of the drinks menu. I usually find that testing a mocktail is a good way to see if they’ve thought about the flavours of a mocktail or have just decided to take the spirit out and not given it much thought. I chose their NEW Rhubarb Gin Fizz cocktail (Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin shaken with lemon juice and topped with prosecco) and my mum chose the Mitango (their take on a Virgin Mojito) …and I’m please to say both were DIVINE – yes both! I ended up asking my mum if I could keep “trying” her drink as it was so refreshing and full of flavour. (Hurray! They passed my mocktail test 😉)

Whilst sipping on our cocktails and choosing our courses we were given beef drippling popcorn. I know… doesn’t sound that appertising at first BUT don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I couldn’t stop eating it – a warm pot of popcorn dusted with beef drippling powder. It was really nice to have something to tickle your taste buds while choosing your food and really gets you in the mood for some high quality beef.


The menu is large with options of steaks, salads, grilled meats, handmade burgers, fish and a selection of indulgent sharing plates and nibbles to choose from.

(I have my eye on the Mac & Cheese bites and Crispy Gnocchi Bites for next time)

Their main focus is on cooking classic cuts of steak from British breeds of cattle reared across the Pampas in South America. The meat is hand cut on site and customised to the customers tastes.


With a great selection of Grazing Plates to choose from we decided to try the Pulled Beef Croquettes and the Chargrilled Vegetables & Houmous – both new starters on the menu.

The croquettes were delicious, the rich slow cooked beef marinated in rich port, black treacle and bone marrow sauce and dipped into the lemon and garlic mayo was very indulgent for a starter. The only downside it that I could have eaten all the three croquettes to myself and not shared with my mum (Tip to remember for next time!). The chargrilled vegetables with houmous was a nice counter balance with the rich croquettes.


I chose the NEW Deconstructed Beef Wellington, not something I would usually eat in the summer however it didn’t look like the usual Autumn/Winter classic.

I really enjoyed this dish, loving the fact that there was a perfect amount of rich Malbec sauce on the side. I had my 10oz beef cooked medium however due to the size of the meat and the style of dish the meat was more medium to well done – maybe due to the meat being sliced after, however it still tasted good to me. Accompanied with vegetables and light layers of puff pastry filled with garlic spinach and creamy truffle flavoured mushrooms it was a great restyling of a traditional classic – making it lighter and easier to eat in the summer months.

My mum chose the NEW Sea Bass Fillets, cooked over charcoal with garlic, lemon and thyme, served with sprouting broccoli, baby capers, chilli and cherry tomatoes. Obviously, I had to try a bit and I was really happy to see that even though they specialise in more beef/meat dishes, this dish was deliciously cooked.


I didn’t think we could eat anymore but one of their desserts was calling my name since it was something I used to make A LOT when I was little – Lemon and Clementine Cheesecake, drizzled with summer berries.

Now maybe it’s because I have a major sweet tooth but the dessert was the course that stood out for me. I think if someone asked me what course would I have again straight away it would have to be this one!

(Can you tell how big my sweet tooth is?!)

Overall I was impressed by the welcoming and efficient the staff, the stylish décor which is spot on for a modern steakhouse, the price range and wide range of options on the menu. This place is great if you are visiting with a group of friends – there’s something for everyone.

Thank you very much to Bar + Block for inviting me to review their NEW summer menu, it was great to finally visit and enjoy a B+B feast!



Bar + Block

4 James St W, Bath BA1 2BX

01225 618888


The Cosy Club Bath NEW Menu

What a lovely weekday treat! Last week I popped to The Cosy Club in Bath to review their new menu.

I have had breakfast, tapas and cocktails here many times (not at the same time might I had!) but I haven’t visited CC for dinner that much so I was excited to properly try out their NEW menu – launching new dishes across their main, vegan and gluten free menus, PLUS their cocktail menu too.

With a large variety of dishes to choose from it’s the perfect “I don’t know what type of food I feel like tonight” place, plus it caters for a variety of diets such as vegan or gluten free.

I was particularly excited to see their separate vegan menu since my boyfriend is plant-based. We do sometimes struggle to find restaurants that have a good amount of vegan dishes to offer and we weren’t disappointed looking at the new vegan menu.

The best way to start a meal — WITH COCKTAILS OF COURSE!

New drinks on the menu

Oh my, oh my… Rob picked a gooden. I ADORE this drink, actually ADORE IT. Mr Jenkins – Don Papa rum, Aperol, vanilla and lemon juice.

“This drink is just as compelling as the man who invented it.”

This drink just reminds me of a holiday (aww, bliss). This is my sort of drink!

Now my choice was Summer Sangria – Orange liqueur, red wine, orange and lemon juices. I really enjoyed this too, however Rob’s Mr Jenkins drink was still in my mind. Any drink with rum in and I’m pretty much hooked.

(We’re going back for a couple of these drinks very soon!)


After sipping on our cocktails we decided to start our meal with a selection of tapas dishes.

Squid & Chorizo –pan-fried with red wine and garlic, served with mixed leaves and a butter bean aioli.

The chorizo wasn’t chewy! Finally! YAY! I haven’t always been the biggest fan of chorizo because it can be quite tough sometimes, however, these chorizo bites with squid rings were absolutely delicious! AND the butter bean ailio was as yummy as it sounds.

Tempura King Prawns with a soy and ginger dipping sauce.

Who doesn’t love tempura prawns with a dipping sauce – I just can’t fault it. The soy and ginger dipping sauce was the perfect accompaniment with these fresh king prawns.

Goat’s Cheese and Spinach Croquettes (v) with tomato tapenade.

The tapas dish that really stood out were the croquettes! Accompanied with a tomato tapenade. The croquettes were soft, gooey and melt-in-the-mouth and the tomato tapenade was a great sauce to accompany the creamy indulgent bites.


Onto the mains!

One of my favourite meals is risotto so I had to try it! Even though I was struggling choosing between the Aubergine tagine, Whole Rack of Baby Back Ribs AND Crispy Duck salad! (Ok, so I deliberated for a while ha!) But I am so glad I chose this dish!

Courgette, Edamame & Mint Ristotto with toasted seeds and beetroot & rosemary hummus.

This is exactly the type of flavours I would want in a risotto. Beetroot and rosemary hummus, a sweet, tangy taste to cut into the creaminess of the dish, with sharper flavours from the broken up feta on top. Plus with the addition of courgette (actually obsessed with this vegetable at the moment) and edamame, it was the perfect combination. Exactly what I would put into a risotto.

Now Rob’s dish was just a beauty!

Thai Green Vegetable Curry with coconut & coriander rice, spring rolls and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Just look at that GOD DAMN “INSTAGRAMMABLE” platter of dishes! I loved that this dish came with a side of spring rolls too. It’s great to see a vegan dish look so exciting and taste so delicious too (had to have a cheeky bite of his meal – for the blog, for the blog 😉 )

The main courses were both presented beautifully and the portion sizes were great, however, I would say that maybe hold back from ordering three tapas dishes BEFORE eating a main and then dessert – for me, it was quite a lot of food to consume but obviously I HAD to try it all, hehe 😉

Wow, indulgent puddings ey?! I think sooo!

Rob chose Salted Caramel Cheesecake (v) with butterscotch sauce and sweet & salty popcorn.

And I chose this magical fairy looking dessert – Nutella & Vanilla Cream Doughnut (n, v)

topped with candy floss and raspberry dust.

You’ve seen brownies with toppings for dessert but I’ve never seen a DOUGHNUT with toppings before!! I love it! A ring Nutella doughnut with a light, airy chocolate mouse on top, decorated with a pinch of candyfloss. I haven’t had candyfloss in YEARS so this was definitely a nostalgic dessert – kind of an adult version of a pudding I used to have when I was young. I was into my dessert soo much that I completely forgot to try Rob’s dessert, but from the looks of it that’s my kind of dessert too – popcorn on top!? WHUT!!?

Well what can I say, we were well and truly full after this meal but it was lovely. Still can’t get over having fairy dust and candy floss on my dessert! Now that’s a way to end a meal.

Thank you so much to the lovely people at The Cosy Club for inviting me to review, I had a lovely evening and can’t wait to come back and try more of your new dishes. I’ve got my eye on more of your tapas dishes! And cocktails!!! CALLING MR JENKINS!


To try The Cosy Club Bath new menus visit: www.cosyclub.co.uk/clubs/bath/

T: 01225 464161 


Where? Unit R4, SouthGate Place, Bath, BA1 1AP

Mr & Mrs Woo Review – Widbrook Grange Restaurant, Bradford-on-Avon

We recently visited Widbrook Grange, an 18th century Georgian country house hotel. We have been wanting to visit for a while…

Katie: Especially since the hotel welcomes dogs! (OBSESSSSSED 😉 )

But also because we were happily surprised to find out they had a vegan menu! We are always on the hunt for restaurants that serve great food for both meat eaters AND vegans.

*** Mr and Mrs Woo Review Widbrook Grange Restaurant ***

Would you recommend this to your friends? Yes!

Price range [££££]:   £££

Dietary needs: 9/10 (offering a Vegan & Gluten Free Menu)

Best time to visit: At the weekend, on a sunny Spring/Summer day

Romantic rating: 8/10



The restaurant is located at the back on the main house, looking out onto back stable blocks and front garden terrace.

So… ONTO THE FOOD you say…

Well, before we get to the food, can we just take note of how BIG this glass of wine was.

First off, the bread!

Rob: I had the vegan option.

Katie: I had the warm bread, with two butter options, one with chives and one salted. I could have eaten this bread as the main – really – it was so moreish, and warm bread with salty butter on top is one of my favourite things.

Some restaurants gloss over the bread options, occasionally being offered dry bread with a lack of butter or oil, but you could tell at Widbrook Grange put thought even into just a side starter of bread.


The Mains


Rob: YUM! I had the Roasted Aubergine, chive and black garlic polenta, pepper and butter bean cassoulet, pok choi, chervil apple sauce.

The polenta was delightful, as was the roast aubergine. The flavours were great! I find that some places believe a vegan meal has to be spicy, so it’s good to see Widbrook Grange ignored this, and created a flavoursome dish.

Katie: I love dishes like this! I choose the Slow roasted chilli and honey beef ribs, fondant potato, steam vegetables and red wine gravy. A good old roast style dish presented beautifully (anything with gravy is a roast to me haha). I find that when restaurants over load a plate with food I often fill full even before eating it, but this was the perfect amount.

Oh and back to one of the most important things in this dish, THE GRAVY. I’m happy to say, for all you fellow gravy feens, they served the perfect amount of gravy… and my was it good!


Rob: Apple and golden raisin tart, spiced apply sorbet and mulled blackberries.

This was sooo nice. The sorbet was really good and went well with the apple and raisin tart. It was great to enjoy a pastry dessert – especially as a vegan. I haven’t found many vegan pastry desserts, so this was a treat!

Katie: Blackberry cheesecake, blackberry textures.

Now I am a fan of cheesecake, HOWEVER, I have been put off in recent years on ordering cheesecake for dessert. Sometimes I find a cheesecake can be too much after a meal and not a very refreshing pudding to end on. I was expecting the usual large slice of cheesecake, expecting that I wouldn’t be able to finish it all… but guess what… I scrapped the plate clean.

This is my sort of cheesecake. Two mini blocks on a light cheesecake, served with variations of blackberries. In the centre of the plate sat a light and refreshing blackberry mousse. On the side was a scoop of homemade blackberry ice-cream – and guess what, it was light and refreshing too. The combination of all the textures and flavours made this dessert VERY easy and enjoyable to eat.

I think you can probably tell how much I liked this dessert – I’ve babbled on for a bit now – I’ll stop.

Whoever said women talk more than men… are definitely right here.


After the meal, to let the food digest, we took a stroll around the grounds. Playing a bit of outdoor chess (Katie: and kind of on the look out for four legged guests – sounds creepy – I’m talking about dogs)

We really really love Widbrook Grange and can’t wait to go back again – especially to taste their gins in their Gin Tasting Room.

My Microblading Experience

I was scared… but it didn’t hurt AND it was really worth it!

We’ve all heard here and there the hype surrounding the latest brow trend of ‘microblading’. Usually I stay away from new trends until there have been trialled and tested over and over, usually waiting for friends to try things first and usually JUST missing the band wagon on most trends. But this time I surprised myself, when I agreed to try out microblading. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

I was particularly fearful of the ‘blading’ part of the word, having fainted 12 times in my life due to blood, I thought the word blading doesn’t really sound like a good idea when having a treatment on my skin. BUT, it’s not scary at all! I would easily have this done over and over again.


Side note for any fellow squeamish peeps out there:

Is there blood?

Now, I am a squeamish person, I mean SQUEAMISH (like I said before, fainted 12 times due to blood – usually in films though). I thought ‘Why would I do this too myself when I HAVE HEARD BEFORE that they will be blood?!’ BUT! My dear friend, I saw no blood. I didn’t think about it and I didn’t feel like I was bleeding (eww, I hate even talking about it). It’s just like tiny little paper cuts on the skin, so some tiny cuts might bleed a little and some don’t.

Why did I do it?

I have had issues with my brows for a LONG time, never being happy with the shape when I was younger and wondered why my brows never looked naturally “perfect” – damn you people with naturally perfect brows!

My brows have always been quite straight. When I don’t brush them or pencil them in in the morning I would look (well I think I look) like I look I have a sad looking face – or just plain old moody.

It was the one thing I got into later though, after going through the stage of plucking in my teens and being too scared to draw over my gappy mistakes, I slowly but surely started to try penciling. However, even penciling couldn’t hide the over plucked brows!



Don’t get me wrong, there are now some fantastic products out there for the brow scaredy-cats like me, but still there was nothing I could do to change the shape permanently, even with penciling.

My brows before microblading…

Make-up Free Brows

The times when I would love to have make-up free brows would be on holiday, especially when swimming. I have always felt that in order to leave the hotel room and look presentable the ONE thing I MUST do is touch up/sort out my brows. But then, with a bare, half awake, morning face, no one wants darkened, over penciled brows. That’ll be one striking morning face! Still, this is just my experience and my brow penciling skills. I know a lot of you out there have got this brow thing down, but for those of us who have hit and miss experiences with our brows, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the answer for us!

My lovely lovely brow lady, Alison, has been tidying/tinting my brows for over a year now. Every since she told me she looks at it from an artist’s point of view, making sure each clients brows are unique to them, suiting their face shape, I knew she completely understood that I didn’t want “TRENDY BROWS” – I wanted brows to just for me! Since then I have been back time and time again.

Alison mentioned to me ages ago that she was offering microblading, but to me that sounded WAY TOO INTENSE FOR ME. I didn’t want semi-permanent makeup on my face. HOWEVER, after thinking about how long I have worried about my brows, running back to have them tinted over and over again, I thought why would I not even consider this option. An option that HAS been trialed and tested now by many people around the world. Yes, we might have heard the old horror stories about brow tattooing years ago, but this is completely different.

The microblading technique is so precise so it’s hard for someone, especially the steady hands of Alison, to make any mistakes.

So are you intrigued?

Let me talk to you through my first appointment.

First of all Alison took time measuring and marked out my face. With a small piece of string she would make mark where my brows should start/finish, holding the string beside my nose and following it up to my brows. There were so many lines of my face, I could tell she didn’t measured out where a natural looking brow would sit on my face.

I swear after this photo she measured them more – so even more lines across my brows.

Can you tell she’s precise? 😉

(Those aren’t scared eyes, trust me haha!)

As Alison mentioned to me, the block outlined around the brows doesn’t mean that I will have a block of colour marked onto my skin, it’s simply a guideline for her.

She then put on a numbing cream for 20-30 minutes – in this time I have a lash lift, which made good use of the time. I would also really recommend a lash lift too. It’s super easy to do and again, you can last weeks and weeks without wearing any eye makeup.

Back to the brows…

Alison was super careful and the first mark (yes, it’s a cut, but I don’t like saying cut haha) she made with the blade was so light I could barely feel it. It was great because she made one mark and then stopped to check if it felt ok and ask if I was happy for her to continue. I laughed, and said I couldn’t feel a thing.

After a few more scratches on the skin, at times I could feel it more. It felt like some with a sharp nail just scratching your skin. I think the only bit that felt weird was the sound. A tiny little scratching sound on the skin, which is hard to explain, but that was the only part that might be weird/sound a little odd.

I was fine with it but I guess if I didn’t like it the next time or you think you the sound would put you off, put some headphones in and relax. Without hearing the sound of each scratch you would barely realise what was happening.

When you look like this you might as well take some odd looking selfies…

Don’t worry, I didn’t walk out looking like this. This is just the dye put on the brows.

Half way through the process, Alison applied a little more numbing cream. She went over each brow twice in this first appointment. The second appointment will be to touch up of any areas that need filling in a little more. Alison said when she finished that she doesn’t scratch the skin too much the first time, so you’ll never look like you have drastically different brows, just a bit fuller. The second appointment you can advise her on how much more you want done.

Another side note, check out Alison’s beautiful view from her treatment room in Bathford. Now that’s the sort of view you need to relax you.

The After Care

So for the first 7-10 days you must apply a cream three times a day, if possible. Alison told me that after 24 hours you brows do tend to go a little darker, but nothing drastic. This is just you skin drying up and taking the dye in. After the first day (and yes, you can go outside that first day), your brows start to fade back to the moment you first had a look at them after the microblading treatment.

This is as dark as mine got for a day or two, but nothing drastic. I didn’t feel like I have massive dark blocks drawn on my face. It still matched my hair colour!

Over the 7-10 days the only thing I noticed was on day 6 or 7 they became a little itchy, all because of the teeny tiny cuts scabbing. When I said scabbing, you can’t tell at all. Your brows will just feel a little dryer over those 7-10 days, that’s why the cream helps. After that your brows feel perfectly normal.

Here are a few pics a few days later, after the treatment.

So that was stage one of the microblading treatment, there is a second appointment that checks them over again and usually to add in a few more fake “hairs”, to fill in any gaps – if you want them fuller.

So to sum up my microblading experience – I am SO SO happy with my brows and can’t believe I haven’t had this done sooner!

For all the people with brow issues (men and women might I add), this treatment is a lifesaver. No more faffing over your brows, brow pencil errors and finally your brows will shape your face beautifully. It’s a really confidence booster!

To book with Alison at The Brow Work please head over to her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/thebrowworks/. She offers many other treatments too.

To see more photos pop over to and follow @thebrowworks on Instagram too.

The Brow Works is located in Bathford AND at Number Three hair salon on Saville Row, Bath.