Building an inspiring movement with Bath Sparkling Wine

Bath Sparkling Wine

Since joining the Bath Sparkling Wine team I am now working with the company as Brand Ambassador. Not only to help create some outstanding, locally grown wine but also to start a new empowering movement, here in Bath.

To quickly explain, here is how BSW are connecting wine and empowerment:

  1. The land BSW vines are planted on was historically used to grow fruit by the Romans who settled in Bath. We are doing exactly the same, just “few” years later 😉 This is BSW link with the Baths Roman heritage.
  2. Since the Romans are part of Baths heritage, it inspired the company’s logo – an image of Minerva – a Roman goddess of empowerment.
  3. Her attributes inspired many and with an inspiring Roman figure like Minerva, BSW thought to use her strength and empowering attributes to connect with women today. The aim is to find women in Bath, who are strong, empowering, independent women.
  4. BSW want to build a new community of women who connect on human levels. We can all connect via business and through our careers, networking in that sense, BUT let’s just stop and connect on a human and emotional level. We want people to share their stories with one another. Someone else’s advice might change someone else life! And if not change their life, that story might just give someone a new perspective of the world.

Watch our first “90-seconds with…” short film here:

This is why BSW want to reach out to women of all generations here in Bath. To use the brand as not only a unique, premium wine producer but to spread the love and positivity around this iconic city. I think we can all get a bit lost in day to day life, pressures of careers,  relationships and “life expectations”. But really, we just need to stop and take it all in.

If you aren’t surrounded by like-minded people, people who empower you, raise you up and believe in you then you aren’t living a life you truly deserve.


These videos will hopefully connect people, and reach out to people seeking to participate in an inspiring movement.

Full Interview with Confidence Coach and Author Jo Emerson below:




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