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Controlling Life Stresses and Where To Find Inspiration

Being slightly addicted to YouTube can have its benefits. I have always loved watching motivational and inspirational TedTalks or interviews online and recently made my own playlist of videos I love on YouTube. I have watched these videos over and over again because they are great at giving me a positivity and reality boost. I really think these inspirational interviews and talks that have helped me become stronger and have opened my eyes to different spiritual perspectives on life.

Finding the time to have a moment to think:

We all have those times just before bed when you can’t switch off, whether it’s due to stresses at work or stresses of life. It’s hard to relax and take yourself out of those thoughts. Occasionally, you can read a book or listen to music, or find a meditation app to help take mind to a different space, but sometimes I think it’s good to acknowledge those thoughts – any worries or fears.

Let them play out for a moment and let them pass through you. If you always keep your fears and worries kept in and shut away you will have a constant battle in your mind daily – trying to push away those stresses every single day and that’s exhausting.

Those thoughts swirling around in your brain that you never open up to are there for a reason so why not take a moment for yourself, to mentally declutter your own headspace and gradually eliminate or tone down those stresses. The only way to get rid of them is to work through them – letting the pass freely. Sometimes you can surprise yourself once you have to deal with a particular stress or fear. Everyone deserves moments in their day to think about themselves. Only thinking about yourself, your mind to declutter, organise and calmly sort through your thoughts. In a sense this means you will be practicing mindfulness, and this shouldn’t be sen as a chore as it’s all about your personal wellbeing. There is nothing negative about having time to reset yourself.

No emotions are negative:

I was told recently that no one emotion is bad, not one them is negative. If you are sad, your mind and body has a reason for that, so you can let yourself be sad and let that emotion pass through you. Some of you have already worked this out and have faced your demons. I have very recently faced mine. I’ve definitely realised that finally facing my worries and fears really has changed my life. We hear people say, don’t shut off your feelings and face them but it is easier said than done. For me, facing my worries and stresses right in the face, working out why I feel a certain way, really has made me much happier and has given me a more positive outlook on things. By acknowledging the worrying thoughts in my mind I now have a better awareness of my sense of self. Some of these talks really resonated with me, particularly a talk with Dr Brene Brown who discusses the feeling of joy being terrifying for some people. This definitely made sense to my PTSD worries.

You know me, I love a good ol’ inspirational quote, so I have watched these videos on repeat – before I go to bed or even when I wake up in the morning, to remind myself of my sense of self and to practice gratitude.

Why you need to take time out – mindfulness isn’t a chore:

I’ve spoken about this with friends, having a good sense of self and strong emotional intelligence. Not only is it good to have YOU time, just to think about who are you, what YOU want to do and how you want to live your life but also, it’s important to realise that everyone has a different perspective on life. By really acknowledging this, that everyone has different outlooks and experiences, makes you view the world and people around you in a much more positive light.

We all have different ways of dealing with things and even that god damn annoying thought in your head telling you “What will people think?”, should take a back seat – the way you feel is never to be ignored!

You feel like that for a reason, and no one can deny that or say “You don’t feel like that”.

As much as I’m saying, follow what you think, what you feel and DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, there is still a large part of your self that should be aware of others. As I said before, just acknowledging that other people might have a different way of thinking about things.

I don’t know what video I watched this on, probably an Oprah video but she was interviewing someone about success. They were saying, success isn’t defined by the traditional poles of success (money, relationships, job, status, title) but by how you treat people and how you treat yourself.

The real measurement of success is HOW YOU TREAT OTHERS AND HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF.

Follow the age old saying ‘Treat others how you wish to be treated’, but also remember to treat yourself well, not punishing yourself if you feel like you aren’t in a good place.

This is your life and “your life belongs to you” (Dr Brene Brown).

This is why I wanted to create a small blog post series of inspirational messages. Giving you one video to watch each week with a little recap from me (what these inspirational videos mean to me).

I hope, even if you don’t read what I’ve written, you watch the video embedded in each blog post. The videos in my collection so far really do make you feel more positive, content and in control of your life. Let me know if you have any recommendations – TedTalk or inspirational interviews.


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