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Named after the nickname I had when I was little. Catchy I know 😉

I’m glad you have popped by to check out my space on the World Wide Web (that’s what everyone says isn’t it – cringe! Haha, now I’ve done it). Anyway, back in 2016 I started this blog to have a creative outlet again. After finishing Bath Spa uni the previous year I found I missed writing and being creative, and in the classic ‘I’m a graduate now, I can do anything/must be heard’ thought process I felt inspired to voice my opinion online. (I’m too much of a wimp to do it on YouTube so I thought this is the way to go). I wanted to feel involved in the community I love and write about things I am passionate about:

Passion 1: BATH – I love this city SO SO much and never want to leave! I have lived here since 2012 when I began university. The reason I love it so much is because I think it’s the perfect amount of “city” for me (not TOO city city) and I can still get out to the countryside surroundings with a skip, hop and jump. I love exploring the city, checking out the tourist spots (I can still be a tourist even after 8 years in Bath right?), mooching round the shops, cafes, hotels and meeting and supporting new businesses that are just starting out in Bath.

Passion 2: FOOD – Ever since I was little I was cooking/baking, taking endless amounts of photos of EVERYTHING (annoying I know). Not only do I have an interest in making my own bakes but I love finding new places to eat in the city. We really do have some GREAT foodie hotspots in Bath.

Passion 3: “LIFE CHATS” – You might be thinking, “Great Katie, everyone chats about life, duh!” BUT… I MEAN “putting the world to rights” kinda chats. You know, the chats you have with friends after a wine or two and feel like you are putting the world to rights (those chats). I love to have a good DMC (deep meaningful convo) with my friends, or even strangers to be honest – life is too short not to have these types of chats. As well as this I have also written about (and plan to write more about) my own personal experiences and how they have taught me so much already. A few years ago opened up about my own mental health journey, dealing with PTSD after a traumatic experience when I was 11 years old. PTSD is something I have dealt with for a LONG LONG time but never realised what it was until 2016! But it isn’t just about me, I hope that my motivational style blog posts will help someone who might be going through a tough time and wants a positive, motivational boost. My main goal in life is to be positive, not take life for granted and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Passion 4: BEAUTY – An interest that has grown over the years. I was never someone to have a full face of make-up. I was scared of foundations and using eyeshadows in case I looked like a drag queen but now I have found my own path. Still occasionally following beauty trends (I say following, I mean watching the latest YouTuber or Caroline Hirons YT video) but doing that has encouraged me to just have a go, and try things out. In addition to exploring make-up more I now have a keen interest in skincare (more because I am now the other end of my twenties, so I guess I really should care now to help me in the future!). Space N K and Cult Beauty have become my skincare besties, helping me to discover new serums, creams and balms to keep my skin tip top. Take a look at my beauty section to see what I’m currently loving.

I hope you enjoy having a browse around KatieWoo!

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