Welcome to Katie Woo!

Named after the nickname I had when I was little. Catchy I know 😉

I’m glad you have popped by to check out my space on the World Wide Web. Just over a year ago now I decided to start this blog, to have a creative outlet again. I felt inspired to voice my opinion online and I’m too much of a wimp to do it on YouTube, so I thought this is the way to go. I want to write about things I am passionate about:

Passion 1: BATH – I love this city SO SO much and never want to leave! I love exploring the city, checking out the tourist spots (I can still be a tourist even after 5 years in Bath?), mooching round the shops, cafes and hotels.

Passion 2: FOOD – Ever since I was little I was cooking/baking, taking endless amounts of photos of EVERYTHING (annoying I know). Not only do I have an interest in making my own bakes but I love finding new places to eat in the city.

Passion 3: “LIFE CHATS” – You might be thinking, “Yes, Katie. Everyone chats about life, duh!”… BUT… I MEAN “putting the world to rights” kinda chats. I love to have a good DMC (deep meaningful convo) with my friends, or even strangers to be honest. As a 20-something, still trying to work out the world, I love a good motivational, inspiring chat with friends. On KW I write about my own personal experiences and talk about how they have taught me so much already. And recently, I opened up about my own mental health journey, dealing with PTSD. Something I have had for a LONG LONG time but never realised until 2016! I hope that my motivational style blog posts will help someone who might be going through a tough time and wants a positive, motivational boost. My main goal in life is to be positive, not take life for granted and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Passion 4: BEAUTY – An interest that has grown over the years. I was never someone to have a full face of make-up. I was scared of foundations and using eyeshadows in case I looked like a drag queen. But now I have found my own path, still occasionally following beauty trends but I’m now not scared to try things out. Another key interest is skin care, finding the right products for my skin and thinking about what ingredients I use. Space N K has become one of my favourite places to discover new beauty products.

I hope you enjoy having a browse around KatieWoo!

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