Back to Absurd Bird Bath for an evening full of tasty cocktails, melt in the mouth pancakes and good ol’ Deep American South soul


I was invited back to Absurd Bird Bath for a cocktail masterclass – to taste a few of their new cocktails and learn how to make them. The theme was Mardi Gras – the table was decked out with colourful party necklaces and masks to wear. The dressing up, cocktails being shaken and the live band playing definitely got you in the party mood.




Celebrating Mardi Gras with some lovely chickies last Tuesday.


And wow, are these cocktails something! Absurd Bird really do make some tasty cocktails. I love the food AND drinks here but I would happily come here just for a few drinks with friends.

(FYI: Happy hour 5-7pm)

My particular favourite Absurd Bird drinks contain Moonshine – I am a massive fan of moonshine. MASSIVE fan! It is a shame you can’t buy it in supermarkets… (Read more about Moonshine cocktails in my previous blog post here). However, the cocktails we made this night didn’t contain Moonshine but were equally as delicious.

The talented mixologist Nicole showed us the ropes, making us a selection of different cocktails. With help from Absurd Birds Bath barman Palo, I had a go at making two classic New Orleans cocktails.


Bottles of Hooch


Staying with the Southern spirit, all of Absurd Birds cocktails compliment the flavour of all their dishes – always sticking to the American South theme.

Starting with Hooch, made up of lemon juice, saint german, traditional lemonade, simple syrup and vodka. In New Oreleans it would usually be made with Moonshine, but we used vodka. It can also be made with bourbon, gin or elderflower. This was the welcome drink given to us which didn’t taste alcoholic at all – but trust me, after a few it did!

The first cocktail we learnt to make was the Hurricane. Nicole gave us a quick run down the the history of this cocktail and informed us that this drink was developed in World War II. With this cocktail Nicole told us that they would usually only add a dash of orange juice in bars in New Orleans, however, we used more orange and cranberry juice in the Absurd cocktails. (I would have been happy with just a dash of juice – but it’s probably safer to add more). We garnished the drink with a slice of orange and a sweet cherry on a stick.


The second cocktail was called Hand Grenade!


This cocktail was made famous in a bar called 717 in New Orleans. A celebrity wanted a cocktail stronger than the Hurricane and this is when the Hand Grenade was created.

The true cocktail contains 200ml of alcohol, which an illegal amount of alcohol to sell in bars here in the UK. However, five bars in New Orleans can serve this cocktail with the traditional measurement of alcohol. This cocktail is made up of 15ml gin, 15ml melon liqueur, 15ml (of something I can’t remember right now), 25ml orange juice and 25ml of cranberry juice.

 “It looks like a cos-mojito…” – as said by my pal Rosie

Full of bad jokes that girl 😉 But it did… it did look like a combination of both those cocktails. It was a lovely refreshing cocktail, the melon liqueur really stood out, giving it a fresh, light taste and making it taste slightly creamy too.


Now not only did they supply us with a selection of delicious drinks but they then brought out a plate of American pancakes with fried chicken on top and a drizzle of maple syrup.

(There was more syrup on the table, don’t worry, a drizzle of syrup is never enough for me).


I know this blog post is about cocktails but MY GOD WERE THESE PANCAKES AMAZING! Fluffy but a little crispy on the edges, just the right amount of thick pancakeness. A melt in the mouth delight. Once we all received our food the conversations stopped. I can truly say they were the BEST PANCAKES I’ve had in a VERY LONG TIME! Best pancake day ever!

Two extra little cocktail masterclass tips I learnt:

  1. You can tell when the cocktail is ready and shaken well because the shaker will become frosty on the outside- making your hands extremely cold.
  2. The garnish on the side of a cocktail glass is usually placed by the straw so you can smell the garnish as you drink; to compliment the flavours of the drink.

Amazing music duo!! The Belle Adventure


If you haven’t visited Absurd Bird yet GO! They currently have four restaurants around the UK: Bath, Soho & Spitalfields London and Exeter. Insta: @absurdbirduk Website:

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