Residents of Bath – GUESS WHAT?!


You get a fantastic discount for one of the city’s BEST attractions.



When was the last time you visited? Or are you going to shock me and say YOU’VE NEVER BEEN! (Whaaaat!?) I know I don’t visit enough – and why not, with a great discount like that AND a blissful, luxurious experience right on our doorstep! Why can’t it be the end of the month (or week) relaxation treat! We are so lucky to have access to such a place, being the only hot springs in the UK. The mineral-rich waters are located right in the heart of the city. Now, if you are a local and still haven’t been and want the quick low down (yes, I said low down – I’m cool yeah?) Then here’s a quick summary of what you can expect on your visit.


Grab you slippers, towel and robe from the front desk and glide you way into the spa. First stop, the Minerva Bath pool, with whirlpool, massage jet and lazy river. This space is sleek and kind of futuristic – the pool is an intriguing shape making you want to get in, lazy around and float from curve to curve.


Then make your way up to the NEW wellness suite, with luxurious steam rooms, an infrared sauna, celestial themed relaxation room, and an ice room you actually want to spend time in! These rooms exude Baths grandeur, with the mosaic of Minerva (the Roman goddess of health and wisdom) in a steam room and the luxurious finishings of all the rooms, it really makes your visit feel special.

Now, this is optional, but very much encouraged – book yourself in for a spa treatment and make your experience in more tranquil – or even try a hydrotherapy treatment in a private spa pool to REALLY relax in the waters.


Then, the finale… take the lift up to the top floor and viola… you are taken to the city’s oasis.

The lift doors open and you are greeted with the steaming calm thermal waters and the golden backdrop of the city. Here is the Open-air Rooftop Pool. Even though you are outside, in the middle of the city, you feel serene and calm, looking across to Georgian rooftops and seeing the tower of Bath Abbey in the distance.


But let’s not forget about Thermaes little sister, The Cross Baths.


Located just a hop skip and jump away from the Thermae’s main entrance is this little cute space which allows you to experience the waters all to yourself! This is the perfect spot to enjoy the benefits of the calming waters right in the heart of the city centre. You can hire this pool out for your own private use, enjoying a glass of prosecco or two in your own little bit of Bath.

(Use your Discovery Card to book The Cross Baths and receive a 50% discount for 1.5 hour spa session)

Visit the thermal Bath’s early in the morning or early evening and take a moment to drift off in the calming waters. We all know, as residents, the best times to be in the city centre is on a weekday, so why not visit with your partner or friends before or after work? Step away from technology, stop yourself from blonking yourself down in front of the TV after work and visit the Thermae Baths instead! These thermal hot springs are one of Bath’s most glorious gifts! Let’s make the most of it!

More information about using your Discovery Card:

Thermae Welcome, featuring a 2hr spa session with use of towel, robe and slippers, will be reduced for Discovery Card holders from £36 to £27 (Mon-Fri) and from £40 to £30 (Sat and Sun), giving full access to the thermal waters of the indoor Minerva Bath, a new Wellness Suite, the Springs Cafe Restaurant and the open-air rooftop pool with its wonderful views over Bath (children under 16 not permitted). Enjoy also a 50% discount for a 1.5hr spa session in the Cross Bath.

(You can still use your Discovery Cards at the weekend too)

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