1. No problem 🙂 And ahah, thank you! I’ve yet to be approached by any company or website, but that’s probably because I don’t really put myself out there lol or make any effort to interact with said companies

      2. Yeah, it is all about interaction via social media really, and talking honestly and truthfully in your blog posts about things you are passionate about. Maybe start interacting more with companies you would like to work with and you never know what might be round the corner 🙂

      3. Ahh I see. I would definitely recommend getting Twitter, even to just interact with other bloggers too. Another option is to just seek out these companies and websites and contact via them email – but I would think for most companies it would take longer for them to respond. Don’t know if that is good advice or not haha. As I said, find your niche (I’m still finding mine tbh) and write about whatever interests you and I’m sure people will notice! 😀

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