My Microblading Experience

I was scared… but it didn’t hurt AND it was really worth it!

We’ve all heard here and there the hype surrounding the latest brow trend of ‘microblading’. Usually I stay away from new trends until there have been trialled and tested over and over, usually waiting for friends to try things first and usually JUST missing the band wagon on most trends. But this time I surprised myself, when I agreed to try out microblading. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

I was particularly fearful of the ‘blading’ part of the word, having fainted 12 times in my life due to blood, I thought the word blading doesn’t really sound like a good idea when having a treatment on my skin. BUT, it’s not scary at all! I would easily have this done over and over again.


Side note for any fellow squeamish peeps out there:

Is there blood?

Now, I am a squeamish person, I mean SQUEAMISH (like I said before, fainted 12 times due to blood – usually in films though). I thought ‘Why would I do this too myself when I HAVE HEARD BEFORE that they will be blood?!’ BUT! My dear friend, I saw no blood. I didn’t think about it and I didn’t feel like I was bleeding (eww, I hate even talking about it). It’s just like tiny little paper cuts on the skin, so some tiny cuts might bleed a little and some don’t.

Why did I do it?

I have had issues with my brows for a LONG time, never being happy with the shape when I was younger and wondered why my brows never looked naturally “perfect” – damn you people with naturally perfect brows!

My brows have always been quite straight. When I don’t brush them or pencil them in in the morning I would look (well I think I look) like I look I have a sad looking face – or just plain old moody.

It was the one thing I got into later though, after going through the stage of plucking in my teens and being too scared to draw over my gappy mistakes, I slowly but surely started to try penciling. However, even penciling couldn’t hide the over plucked brows!



Don’t get me wrong, there are now some fantastic products out there for the brow scaredy-cats like me, but still there was nothing I could do to change the shape permanently, even with penciling.

My brows before microblading…

Make-up Free Brows

The times when I would love to have make-up free brows would be on holiday, especially when swimming. I have always felt that in order to leave the hotel room and look presentable the ONE thing I MUST do is touch up/sort out my brows. But then, with a bare, half awake, morning face, no one wants darkened, over penciled brows. That’ll be one striking morning face! Still, this is just my experience and my brow penciling skills. I know a lot of you out there have got this brow thing down, but for those of us who have hit and miss experiences with our brows, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the answer for us!

My lovely lovely brow lady, Alison, has been tidying/tinting my brows for over a year now. Every since she told me she looks at it from an artist’s point of view, making sure each clients brows are unique to them, suiting their face shape, I knew she completely understood that I didn’t want “TRENDY BROWS” – I wanted brows to just for me! Since then I have been back time and time again.

Alison mentioned to me ages ago that she was offering microblading, but to me that sounded WAY TOO INTENSE FOR ME. I didn’t want semi-permanent makeup on my face. HOWEVER, after thinking about how long I have worried about my brows, running back to have them tinted over and over again, I thought why would I not even consider this option. An option that HAS been trialed and tested now by many people around the world. Yes, we might have heard the old horror stories about brow tattooing years ago, but this is completely different.

The microblading technique is so precise so it’s hard for someone, especially the steady hands of Alison, to make any mistakes.

So are you intrigued?

Let me talk to you through my first appointment.

First of all Alison took time measuring and marked out my face. With a small piece of string she would make mark where my brows should start/finish, holding the string beside my nose and following it up to my brows. There were so many lines of my face, I could tell she didn’t measured out where a natural looking brow would sit on my face.

I swear after this photo she measured them more – so even more lines across my brows.

Can you tell she’s precise? 😉

(Those aren’t scared eyes, trust me haha!)

As Alison mentioned to me, the block outlined around the brows doesn’t mean that I will have a block of colour marked onto my skin, it’s simply a guideline for her.

She then put on a numbing cream for 20-30 minutes – in this time I have a lash lift, which made good use of the time. I would also really recommend a lash lift too. It’s super easy to do and again, you can last weeks and weeks without wearing any eye makeup.

Back to the brows…

Alison was super careful and the first mark (yes, it’s a cut, but I don’t like saying cut haha) she made with the blade was so light I could barely feel it. It was great because she made one mark and then stopped to check if it felt ok and ask if I was happy for her to continue. I laughed, and said I couldn’t feel a thing.

After a few more scratches on the skin, at times I could feel it more. It felt like some with a sharp nail just scratching your skin. I think the only bit that felt weird was the sound. A tiny little scratching sound on the skin, which is hard to explain, but that was the only part that might be weird/sound a little odd.

I was fine with it but I guess if I didn’t like it the next time or you think you the sound would put you off, put some headphones in and relax. Without hearing the sound of each scratch you would barely realise what was happening.

When you look like this you might as well take some odd looking selfies…

Don’t worry, I didn’t walk out looking like this. This is just the dye put on the brows.

Half way through the process, Alison applied a little more numbing cream. She went over each brow twice in this first appointment. The second appointment will be to touch up of any areas that need filling in a little more. Alison said when she finished that she doesn’t scratch the skin too much the first time, so you’ll never look like you have drastically different brows, just a bit fuller. The second appointment you can advise her on how much more you want done.

Another side note, check out Alison’s beautiful view from her treatment room in Bathford. Now that’s the sort of view you need to relax you.

The After Care

So for the first 7-10 days you must apply a cream three times a day, if possible. Alison told me that after 24 hours you brows do tend to go a little darker, but nothing drastic. This is just you skin drying up and taking the dye in. After the first day (and yes, you can go outside that first day), your brows start to fade back to the moment you first had a look at them after the microblading treatment.

This is as dark as mine got for a day or two, but nothing drastic. I didn’t feel like I have massive dark blocks drawn on my face. It still matched my hair colour!

Over the 7-10 days the only thing I noticed was on day 6 or 7 they became a little itchy, all because of the teeny tiny cuts scabbing. When I said scabbing, you can’t tell at all. Your brows will just feel a little dryer over those 7-10 days, that’s why the cream helps. After that your brows feel perfectly normal.

Here are a few pics a few days later, after the treatment.

So that was stage one of the microblading treatment, there is a second appointment that checks them over again and usually to add in a few more fake “hairs”, to fill in any gaps – if you want them fuller.

So to sum up my microblading experience – I am SO SO happy with my brows and can’t believe I haven’t had this done sooner!

For all the people with brow issues (men and women might I add), this treatment is a lifesaver. No more faffing over your brows, brow pencil errors and finally your brows will shape your face beautifully. It’s a really confidence booster!

To book with Alison at The Brow Work please head over to her Facebook page – She offers many other treatments too.

To see more photos pop over to and follow @thebrowworks on Instagram too.

The Brow Works is located in Bathford AND at Number Three hair salon on Saville Row, Bath.


Dehydrated Skin - Hydraluron Review

The Best Products For Thirsty, Dehydrated Skin

For a long time, I believed my skin was oily and greasy, but after a few facials over the past couple of years, beauticians have said that my skin is dehydrated, especially around the eye area. I tried intense moisturising creams, but I never felt like it was really helping my skin hydrate. Obviously hydrating your skin isn’t just down to moisturisers and make-up, diet and lifestyle play a huge part too. This is why when people say DRINK MORE WATER, you need to drink MORE WATER!! I admit that I am still not drinking enough water, even though it is proven to dramatically increase your skin’s hydration. I am getting there, and I try to drink as much as I can, but along the way, I would like some help from my skincare products.

Below I have listed a variety of products which have helped hydrate my skin. I have seen great results from every single product and would recommend anyone with tired skin (yes, even us youngens have tired skin!) to try at least one of these products. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the best things we can do for anti-aging (and it’s never too early to be thinking about anti-aging!!).

Look after your skin now and your skin will stay protected from late nights out, busy, stressful weeks at work, pollution, etc., etc. PLUS if you look after your skin and take the time to pamper it then your makeup will sit better too.


Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Booster

Indeed Lab Hydraluron Serum | Katie Woo

Indeed Lab Hydraluron Serum | Katie Woo

A concentrated gel-serum that penetrates deep into the skin locking in moisture.

  • You use this before your moisturiser. Once you have used this gel you don’t need to use much moisturiser on your skin as your skin will already be a little hydrated.
  • It contains hyaluronic acid which means that your skin will hold in water throughout the day and makes your skin plumper. Hyaluronic acid is already in our skin however as we age we lose some of it, and if you have dehydrated skin like me, then your skin will be calling out for more of this acid. It is the best way to lock in moisture!
  • It is a great product for combination skin that needs extra hydration in particular areas.
  • The only downside is the price.


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief


Clinique Moisture Surge Gel-creme | Katie Woo

A refreshing, cooling moisturiser for tired skin.

  • MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOISTURISER, EVER! It has gel-like consistency (they call it a gel-creme) and it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky on the skin. The lightweight gel absorbs very quickly into the skin and makes your skin feel cool, fresh and plumped up.
  • The gel feels cooling when you apply it to your face and neck, so I really enjoy using it in the morning.
  • Previous Hydrating moisturisers I used were: Simple Hydrating Moisturiser and Garnier’s’ Moisture Match Mattifying Cream; however they never seemed to do the job.

For extremely dry skin I would recommend trying the Moisture Surge Skin Fortifying Hydrator. I was given a sample pot and enjoyed using it when I ran out of the Extended Thirst Relief. Part of the Clinique Moisture Surge Product range.


Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment | Katie Woo

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment | Katie Woo

  • I adore this eye cream. The only eye cream I have found so far that gets rid of tired eyes.
  • A good nights sleep will obviously help with tired eyes and dark circles; however this hydrating cream has really worked for me. While I was waiting for a new pot of eye cream to be delivered by eyes felt dry and didn’t feel plumped up or firm when I was applying makeup. My eyes were screaming out for more hydration when I didn’t use this.
  • It absorbs into the delicate eye area very quickly. You apply it along the orbital bone and gently dab with your fingertips until absorbed.
  • Why avocados? The omega fatty acids in avocados help provide the best moisturising fat for delicate skin cells. There are endless reasons why eating avocados and using it on your skin will help build a healthy complexion, but I won’t bore you and list them all!


Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturisers SPF15

Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser | Katie Woo

A great product that gives you a healthy, dewy complexion.

  • It is a light liquid which gives you the perfect amount of coverage. Throughout the day, my skin never felt dry or tight.
  • This is the perfect product for anyone who doesn’t like medium/full coverage.
  • Tip for Applying: To make sure it is all rubbed in I use a wet sponge or my fingers with a little bit of water and rub around the edges of my face and neck.

For more information and a full review of this product check out: My Favourite BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers


Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask | Katie Woo

“Replenish tonight, glow tomorrow.”

  • Intense hydration for your skin.
  • The cream is quite thick but once applied to your skin it doesn’t feel so heavy. It provides the perfect amount of hydration throughout the night. When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels plump and soft.


Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks

Indeed Lab Hydraluron Masks | Katie Woo

Indeed Lab Hydraluron Masks | Katie Woo

Indeed Lab Hydraluron Masks | Katie Woo

“Hydrating your skin from below the surface.”

  • Super hydrating masks! I can’t get enough of them! The mask is made from thin paper which covered in a hyaluronic gel. As mentioned above hyaluronic acid, which is already in our body, repairs our skins barrier and makes our skin feel more plumped.
  • Masks like these, especially hydrating masks, work well if they have a layer of something like paper or foil on top. This helps to lock in the moisture.
  • I use these masks when my skin is feeling tired, after a long week, or after a long-haul flight these masks make a huge difference to how my skin feels. I especially like using these masks early in the morning. It wakes my face up, and my skin feels plumped, hydrated, ready for the day ahead.
  • Again the only downside is the price, 4 masks for £20. But if you do want a good face mask then £5 per mask isn’t that bad. I am just waiting for them to sell them individually, so I don’t have to spend £20 in one go.

If you are still not sure what hyaluronic acid is and why we all need it then watch the videos below:

And back to my favourite skincare video again… with Caroline Hirons below:

Watch from 05.20 >

I hope this has helped you if you have dehydrated skin. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Ciao for now! 🙂 

Naked Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Products Worth The Hype!

10 Make-Up & Skincare Products Worth Buying

I hate to admit it but I am a real sucker for believing the hype about most beauty products. I just end up buying into the “trends”, even if I am sometimes a little late behind. Don’t get me wrong I don’t just spend, spend, spend, I do research the products before I buy them, but it is hard to think badly about products when they are hyped up by big beauty bloggers. However, I can’t just blame the online beauty community for making me buy expensive beauty products, I am a bit of a weak customer too. I easily get drawn into sitting down beside a beauty counter and listening to a beauty assistants’ sales pitch. I think I am their dream customer!

BUT, as I said before I don’t spend spend spend, I do take my time and make sure I’m investing in a product that is worth while and suitable for me. The list below shows you some of the products that have really stood out for me and would recommend you trying them out!

In no particular order…

  1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream


This cream is sold as a multi-use cream, but I only use this on my lips. I personally don’t like using it on my hands as it feels too sticky to rub in. Still, I have tried it recently when I had very dry knuckles and the cream worked wonderfully.

On my lips, it is pure luxury! I usually put it on once in the morning and once at night and my lips feel super smooth. Sometimes I even dab a little on my lips during the day to hydrate my lips a bit more.

This cream (more gel like) has lasted me AGES! I bought it a year ago and it still doesn’t feel like it is running out. It is on the pricey side but as soon as you try this on your lips, all other lip balms won’t compared. This product is luxury pampering for your lips.

2. Miracle Complexion Beauty Blender


Fantastic for blending in make-up! I use this sponge to blend in foundation and concealer every day. Once I have blended it all in I usually wet the sponge and dab around the edges of my face and neck to make sure I get rid of any distinctive foundation lines. This sponge is perfect for giving you a dewy look.

It is also very helpful in blending away bronzer/contour lines, especially if I over bronze/contour my face (which is a regular occasion).

3. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette



I never used to be that fussed about eyeshadows as I was very impatient and failed whenever I experimented and tried out a “new look” on my eyes. My eyes never looked any different. I am still trying to master the smokey eye look but with this palette I am nearly there! What I love most about this selection of eyeshadows is that the colours are really pigmented you hardly need to put any work in when applying it to your eyelid.

DSC00780  DSC00784

Finally, I can see a difference in colour when my eyes are open! So many eyeshadows just fade away or hardly stand out when I open my eyes. The colours are so strong but are still great for blending into each other. I may not have mastered the art of eye make-up just yet but this palette makes it a lot easier.

Favourite Shades

This particular palette has about five matte colours: Foxy, creamy and natural, Bootycall, bright and eye-opening, Tease, a taupe shade, perfect for applying to the crease of your eyelid and Blackout, which is great for lining the lash line. The reason I chose this palette over the other two Naked products was because of the beautiful gold/copper tones. These shades really compliment blue/green eyes.

4. Real Technique Brushes




The best brushes I have found so far! I am yet to try other brands such as Zoeva or Sigma, but compared to other high-end brushes such as Estee Lauder; Real Technique create perfect brushes.

I have the Limited Edition Duo Fibre brushes; they are great as they don’t pick up too much powder/product on the brush, making it easy to gradually add make-up to your face. They are so soft and also create great travel size brushes too.

For example, I love my Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush:

real techniques retractable blush brush

I take the collapsible blush brush with me everywhere. To be honest, I use it for everything when I’m out and about.

5. Kiehl’s Face Wash


This is an example of me being persuaded to buy a product by a pushy sales woman. I am actually very impressed with this face wash; it does exactly what the lady said it would do.

Dehydrated skin? Try this face wash!

If you have dehydrated skin like me, your skin will more often than not feel tight and dry after cleansing. Although my skin still feels a little tight after cleansing (we can also put this down to diet and not drinking enough water), I have found this face wash to be very gentle on my skin. After cleansing, my skin felt fresh but not ‘stripped of its natural oils’. Thinking back to some of my previous cleansers (Neutrogena Visibly Clear PG Daily Scrub and Cliniques’ Foaming Sonic Facial Soap) they were definitely too harsh for my skin, making my skin feel extremely tight and dry almost straight away. It may be a little pricey but this face wash did last me quite a long time! I think about eight months, which I think is pretty good!!

6. Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream



A cream that actually feels like it is hydrating my tired eyes.

The thick creamy texture feels amazing underneath your eyes. I have currently run out of this cream and I am definitely noticing the difference! The skin under and around our eyes is extremely thin so we need to pay it more attention to it, especially with dehydrated skin! The eye area is so sensitive that WE ALL need to have an eye cream to pamper our most delicate area of skin.

7. Clarins Hand Cream

Clarins Hand Cream | Katie Woo

This hand cream isn’t oily and drys instantly on your skin. Once you have used this in the day, you don’t need to keep re-applying. I would apply this twice a day and my hands would feel soft and hydrated. Also smells good too!

8. Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Pencil – Rich Brown


I find it really handy having a product that has a pencil/crayon AND a brush in one stick. Very handy for on the go!

DSC00844 It says pencil but I would say it is more of a soft, thin crayon. This is my favourite brow pencil at the moment. It is really soft to apply and it is easy to build colour; it is hard to overfill in your eyebrows with this.

I have recently learnt to leave my eyebrows alone (yes, I did go through the overplucked eyebrow stage, and it wasn’t that long ago!). I used to use a Nars eyeshadow called Blondie (I swear it was eyeshadow) for my brows, using an eyebrow brush. BUT THEN… I could never find that eyeshadow again, so I moved onto pencils, Rimmel, Estee Lauder and then to an eyebrow pencil that had no name (completely rubbed off). This was the stage when I could so easily over do my eyebrows.

DSC00845  DSC00838

After growing my eyebrows out a little more I wanted to find something that didn’t hide my hairs, I wanted a more natural look. I was looking for an eyebrow kit, with a pencil and brush together so I could fill in my eyebrows and brush out some of the colour. I found Bobbi Browns eyebrow pencil at the airport and it is perfect! It has soft crayon like consistency so applies very gently to your skin. It gently fills in my eyebrows and voila! I can actually see my eyebrow hairs. No more dark brown slugs on my face (fingers crossed!)

  1. Skinceuticals Retexturing Activating Serum


Amazing! But sooo pricey!

Ok, one of my head in my hands moments, and I can’t believe I bought it. Again I didn’t realise the price until the lady said it at the till, but stupidly I just went along with it (don’t ask me why). I got home in a panic and thought what have I done?! This better be worth it! Luckily it has been amazing! I am now on my last few drops, which I use sparingly, only for special occasions or pamper evenings. I miss this serum so much. I used to use it every day, AM and PM.
What is it? What does it do?
Serums include concentrated minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, (etc., etc.) and treat the deeper layers of your skin. One thing that I did like about this serum is that is included hyaluronic acid. This acid is great for dehydrated skin and helps your moisturiser to really absorb into the skin. I’ve tried my best to explain… but to be honest, I still don’t know a lot about how it works and why… I AIN’T NO SCIENTIST.

I recently found Cassandra Bankson on YouTube, a beauty YouTuber; she explains exactly what serums are – I found it very helpful.

(Watch the first 2 minutes)

I adore this product, however, I don’t think I will buying it anytime soon 🙁 not at that price anyway. Unbeknown to me I didn’t know anything about Skinceuticals but now realise I bought a product from one of the top dermological brands in the UK. So if anyone is lucky enough to try some of their products try then give this serum a go… and send me some too, please!

  1. Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm




Best skincare buy in a long time!

This is the best decision I have made for my skin. As you will read here in my review (Emma Hardie Review), Caroline Hiron was right about taking the time to cleanse properly after a full face of makeup. It is so simple and easy to use and in the morning my skin thanks me. I wake up feeling fresh faced and cleansed. I have to be honest there have been a few old nights when I have been so exhausted I have reached for a makeup wipe… but feel so ashamed doing it (as dramatic as that sounds). As Caroline H says, make-up wipes just spread bacteria around your face. You make-up might have been taken off but your skin is definitely not cleansed! Even if brands say they are “cleansing” wipes.

According to Caroline, super skin guru, “make-up wipes are for one thing… festivals, flights and fannies” – her words not mine people!

What a lovely note to finish on… sorry  :/  just made me laugh.

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Ciao for now peeps!

review emma hardie cleansing balm

REVIEW: Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

emma hardie cleansing balm

I did take a risk buying this as it is quite expensive! Even though it is recommended by so many beauty bloggers/vloggers, I still didn’t know if it was worth the price.

I bought the smaller 100ml pot for £38.00. The 200ml is £55.00.

I heard about this product last October and wanted to try it out, but I thought I had a good cleansing routine in the evening, using a foamy, gel face wash. I attempt to cleanse my skin every night but let’s be honest, who can do that every night!? It was this video (below) that gave me a kick up the butt to STOP using makeup wipes to take off makeup and “cleanse” my skin.

I recently started watching Caroline Hirons YouTube channel. In this video, with Pixiwoo (Sam and Nic Chapman), discuss what your skin needs and Caroline’s favourite products.

What I learnt from the video:

  1. “If you have breakouts or acne and use an exfoliator with beads in it it will spread the infection.”
  2. Spraying water on your skin doesn’t make it hydrated; it makes it drier.
  3. “If you don’t have good skin you won’t have good makeup” – unless you are amazing at applying makeup.  

Talking about EH Cleansing Balm – the first 2 minutes:

Caroline recommended cleansing balms, and since Emma Hardies’ balm is raved about so much, I thought I’d give it a go.

eh cleansing balm

How to use EH Cleansing Balm:

It is amazing and so quick to use. You just place a small bit of the cleansing balm on your face and massage gently around your face, neck and eyes. What I love but found a bit weird when I first used it was to rub the balm around my eyes too. It takes off your eye makeup so quickly. Once you have massaged your face and neck and have big pander eyes, you wipe off the balm with warm water and the cloth.

emma hardie balm

You get one cloth with the cleansing balm pot and I guess you would have to clean the cloth after a while, or use a flannel instead. However, I did see in Space N K and on you can buy a set of three EH cloths for £14 (not sure if that is a good price or not).

“There is nothing about this cleanser that disappoints me. And I’m not alone – this little gem is winning awards left, right and centre” Caroline Hiron

I have really enjoyed using this balm; my skin feels like I have been pampering my skin for a long time and I go to bed feeling fresh faced. Now I don’t wake up with the occasional black mascara mark on my pillow. After I wash my face with this balm, I usually apply a hydrating overnight mask, such as Cliniques Moisture Surge mask. I wake up with my skin feeling hydrated, soft and with a little bit of a glow in the morning.

So if you want to treat yourself and invest in a skin care product, then this is the product to buy! It is annoying that it is so pricey but I know this balm will last me a very long time!

If you have any other cleansing balms, you like using, please write in the comments below. Or if you have a different night-time routine for your skin, please share 🙂

Check out Caroline Hirons blog and YouTube channel.

Emma Hardie Products:

Cleansing Balm:
Cleansing Cloths:


All About The Lips!

10 Lip Products I Love

Lip Products I Love!

I love finding new lipsticks and lip creams. Below, I have listed my ten favourite lip products. Some I have received as presents and some I have bought myself. Take a look at some of my favourite red, pink and nude lipsticks, plus my MUST HAVE lip cream!

Clarins Instant Light: Natural Lip Perfector – Rose Shimmer

Clarins Instant Light

A nude gloss that adds light and moisture your lips.

I have been bought this twice now and will buy it myself when it runs out. It is glossy gel type consistency that isn’t sticky. This lip lighter really does light up your lips! I love applying this as it has a soft tip, so it is very easy to apply on the go. I have it in a very subtle pink, nude colour so it is good for every day. It can also act as a gloss – I sometimes use it top of my pink lipsticks.

Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint

Clinique Baby Tint Balm

A tinted moisturising lip balm.

Another product that is easy to apply on the go. I always have this tinted lip balm in my bag. Unlike some other tinted lip balms, this one actually does give you a subtle hint of colour. I bought it in baby pink as I am a big fan of natural/nude colours. I recently bought my sister a red tint version of the balm, which again gives you a subtle hint of red (good for anyone who wears red lipstick every day). I usually use this balm throughout the day and sometimes apply it on top of lipstick. I wear lipstick nearly every day and on the days where I haven’t used a lip liner to fill in my lips, my lipstick sometimes fades to the edges of my mouth. I use this balm to blend the lipstick colour back into my lips. Even though I will then have some lipstick colour on my balm and just use a tissue to wipe it clean.

Chantecille Lipstick – Cassia

Chantecille Lipstick

Darker nude for all year round.

A gorgeous, GORGEOUS colour! This is a great darker nude for all year round! I actually went into Space N K to buy a Nars lipstick, but they had run out of the colour I wanted (I will try to remember which colour it was). The lady recommended trying out this lipstick colour, which was very similar. This lipstick is great, once applied at the start of the day the lipstick will last. Obviously, it doesn’t completely stay on my lips due to eating and drinking BUT I notice that the colour tints my lips, so even when this lipstick fades later in the day it leaves some colour on my lips. This is one of my all-time favourite lip colours. I am so glad I was introduced to Chantecille lipsticks now. Once this lipstick has run out, I look forward to trying out some of their other colours.

Chantecille Lipstick Colour

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Luxury pampering for your lips!

I can’t live without this now. I put this cream on once before I go to bed and once in the morning. If you are like me, a snorer, mouth wide open, deep breather while sleeping then you need this! If I don’t use it at night, I will wake up with dry lips. I occasionally use it more than twice a day in the Winter months, but this cream really does last a long time! I bought it last May (2015) and I still have a good amount left.

Estee Lauder – Fuchsia Fever

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Fever

Add a splash of colour with a vibrant pink lip!

A bright colour for the spring/summer! I wasn’t sure if I would like this colour at first, but once I put it on I loved it. Like a lot of Estee Lauder lipsticks, this lipstick easily glides onto the lips.

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Fever Colour

Illamasqua Lipstick – Box

Illamasqua Lipstick

A statement matte red.

A lovely rich red, this lipstick is one of the best dramatic reds I have tried. I usually use this lipstick just for special occasions (when I have more time to concentrate putting on lipstick).  It is one of my favourite red lipsticks, HOWEVER, compared to other brands I don’t find it as soft and easy to apply. Due to it being a matte lipstick, is doesn’t easily glide on BUT once it has warmed up on my lips or if I use a lip brush then it works great. I wouldn’t use this as an everyday red lipstick due to it being very bold and dramatic, and as I mentioned before, takes some time to apply. However, similar to the Chantecille lipstick above I found that once this lipstick did fade (which takes quite a LONG TIME!) it still leaves a lovely red tint.

Illamasqua Lipstick Colour

Lip Products I Love!

Clarins – Rouge Eclat – Woodrose

Clarins Woodrose Lipstick

A nude for every occasion!

Like my Chantecille lipstick, this is my other top all year round lipstick! I got this lipstick for Christmas this year and I have used it nearly every day since. As I mentioned above, it is a subtle nude for all occasions and feels moisturising too. LOVE IT!

Clarins Woodrose Lipstick Colour

Mac – Retro Matte – All Fired Up

Mac Matte Lipstick All Fired Up

Add for a fun, bright lip. Perfect for Spring/Summer!

My favourite matte colour! This reddy, fuchsia colour is my favourite lipstick for the summer. Even though it is a matte lipstick is glides on your lips quite easily. This lipstick is a very flattering bright pink colour for all skin tones.

Mac Matte Lipstick All Fired Up Colour

Estee Lauder – Pure Colour Nectarine Shimmer

Estee Lauder Nectarine ShimmerEveryday red.

A creamy texture and a glossy finish, this lipstick is one of my favourite reds to apply. It isn’t a really pigmented red, but it is good for a subtle red lip that lasts all day.

Estee Lauder Nectarine Shimmer Colour

Bourjois – Sweet Kiss

Bourjois Lipstick Sweet Kiss
A creamy everyday red.

A pinky red, with a little shine. Sweet Kiss has thicker, creamier texture than my Estee Lauder lipstick (above), which means that one application is enough. This lipstick has argan oil in so it feels moisturising and gives you a good amount of colour all day.

Bourjois Lipstick Sweet Kiss Colour

Next thing on my list is to make my own lip scrub.

What are your favourite lip products?