My Neptune Experience: In Store & In My Home

The NEW Bath Store

We have been waiting for the Neptune store to arrive in Bath and it was perfect timing, after recently completing on a house that has the Limehouse Neptune kitchen fitted. This store is a showstopper, located in a converted old tram shed, it exudes style and contemporary living, inside and out.

As soon as you enter you instantly feel relaxed, walking into a calm oasis away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city – but still only a short walk from the main high street. It really is like you are walking into someone’s home. Who would have thought that visiting a furniture shop would make you feel this relaxed?

Just like walking into a warm welcoming home. I would love to snuggle up on that sofa and watch a film!

The store flows really well, walking from kitchen to living room to bedroom, of all different styles. The area I am a particular fan of is the homeware accessorises section with collections of beautiful jars, vases, photo frames, kitchenware and more. So far, on both of our visits we have left with at least one small accessory (we have now visited multiple times since writing this and bought even more 😉 FYI) .

That’s why I think it’s a great place for everyone, whether you have a Neptune kitchen or not, you can add small touches of Neptune throughout your home.

Artificial flowers – YAS! My go-to! (I’m rubbish with keeping flower alive)

The store displays various kitchens, including our very own Limehouse kitchen (below). It was great to see it all set up, helping us come up with new ideas for our home. We were inspired from room to room, making our interior thinking hats explode with excitement. I think the only problem we had was that we wanted every single thing in the shop. If only we could live in a house with four different kitchens!

On both visits we enjoyed sitting outside the front of the store on their terrace, trying out their various outdoor seating arrangements. It was lovely that the staff were so welcoming that even after we had bought something they invited us to stay, have a cup of tea and enjoy the sunshine.

We can’t wait to keep popping in, to see the friendly staff and continue our interior design journey with Neptune.

Want to see our Neptune kitchen? Take a peek below…

Introducing our beautiful, stunning, Limehouse kitchen. We are SO happy with our kitchen – it’s the perfect style of contemporary combined with traditional country living. The warm grey colour makes the kitchen feel super cosy, making it a space we spend most of our time in.

Teapot and cups from Neptune.

From top to toe, this kitchen displays great quality craftsmanship. When we moved in we were told that the surfaces were even suitable for resting hot pans or cutting fruit and veg on. It’s really reassuring to know that this kitchen is made to last, using high quality materials.

Blue glasses also from Neptune.

Other things we LOVE about our Neptune kitchen:

  • The soft closing draws
  • Under counter lighting which can be switched on and off separately to our main kitchen light. It really adds to the cosyness at night
  • Deep draws which are great for stacking pots and pans
  • Multi-use cupboard storage – a hidden cutlery draw within one of the larger draws
  • The fridge, washing machine and dishwasher are hidden away so all cupboard doors match

As I mentioned before, it’s perfect timing for the Neptune Bath store to arrive! We just can’t wait to add more of Neptune’s seasonal homeware to our new abode.

(FYI: Their new Autumn season homeware is out now – think gorgegous rugs, throws, cushions, candles, all in warm Autumnal colours. It’s time to get snuggly again so have a little browse now and prep for those cooler Autumn nights www.neptune.com)

Thank you to Neptune for a great experience in store and in our home too!


You will be able to find a snippet of this blog post in their next magazine.

Thanks for reading peeps!

Never shopped with Neptune? Discover more at www.neptune.com

Closest stores for Bathonians – South West – Bath and Bristol.


A beauty of Bath – it’s right on your doorstep!

Residents of Bath – GUESS WHAT?!


You get a fantastic discount for one of the city’s BEST attractions.



When was the last time you visited? Or are you going to shock me and say YOU’VE NEVER BEEN! (Whaaaat!?) I know I don’t visit enough – and why not, with a great discount like that AND a blissful, luxurious experience right on our doorstep! Why can’t it be the end of the month (or week) relaxation treat! We are so lucky to have access to such a place, being the only hot springs in the UK. The mineral-rich waters are located right in the heart of the city. Now, if you are a local and still haven’t been and want the quick low down (yes, I said low down – I’m cool yeah?) Then here’s a quick summary of what you can expect on your visit.


Grab you slippers, towel and robe from the front desk and glide you way into the spa. First stop, the Minerva Bath pool, with whirlpool, massage jet and lazy river. This space is sleek and kind of futuristic – the pool is an intriguing shape making you want to get in, lazy around and float from curve to curve.


Then make your way up to the NEW wellness suite, with luxurious steam rooms, an infrared sauna, celestial themed relaxation room, and an ice room you actually want to spend time in! These rooms exude Baths grandeur, with the mosaic of Minerva (the Roman goddess of health and wisdom) in a steam room and the luxurious finishings of all the rooms, it really makes your visit feel special.

Now, this is optional, but very much encouraged – book yourself in for a spa treatment and make your experience in more tranquil – or even try a hydrotherapy treatment in a private spa pool to REALLY relax in the waters.


Then, the finale… take the lift up to the top floor and viola… you are taken to the city’s oasis.

The lift doors open and you are greeted with the steaming calm thermal waters and the golden backdrop of the city. Here is the Open-air Rooftop Pool. Even though you are outside, in the middle of the city, you feel serene and calm, looking across to Georgian rooftops and seeing the tower of Bath Abbey in the distance.


But let’s not forget about Thermaes little sister, The Cross Baths.


Located just a hop skip and jump away from the Thermae’s main entrance is this little cute space which allows you to experience the waters all to yourself! This is the perfect spot to enjoy the benefits of the calming waters right in the heart of the city centre. You can hire this pool out for your own private use, enjoying a glass of prosecco or two in your own little bit of Bath.

(Use your Discovery Card to book The Cross Baths and receive a 50% discount for 1.5 hour spa session)

Visit the thermal Bath’s early in the morning or early evening and take a moment to drift off in the calming waters. We all know, as residents, the best times to be in the city centre is on a weekday, so why not visit with your partner or friends before or after work? Step away from technology, stop yourself from blonking yourself down in front of the TV after work and visit the Thermae Baths instead! These thermal hot springs are one of Bath’s most glorious gifts! Let’s make the most of it!


More information about using your Discovery Card:

Thermae Welcome, featuring a 2hr spa session with use of towel, robe and slippers, will be reduced for Discovery Card holders from £36 to £27 (Mon-Fri) and from £40 to £30 (Sat and Sun), giving full access to the thermal waters of the indoor Minerva Bath, a new Wellness Suite, the Springs Cafe Restaurant and the open-air rooftop pool with its wonderful views over Bath (children under 16 not permitted). Enjoy also a 50% discount for a 1.5hr spa session in the Cross Bath.

(You can still use your Discovery Cards at the weekend too)

NEW at Radiance Wellbeing Bath: Relaxed & Radiant in 30 minutes!

2 New Bond St Place, Bath BA1 1BH


Annnd relax… Take 30 mins to chill and be pampered

Working hard? Busy hectic life? The least you can do is treat yourself to a 30-minute facial. I think that’s the minimum amount of time you deserve to be pampered! 😉

Your Skin Needs Extra Attention in the Winter Months

Your skin is battling against the harsh cold winds, intense drying heat from central heating and maybe the seasonal stress we tend to have around this time of year. It’s the time to start thinking about treating others BUT also, it’s time to treat yourself! It’s coming up to the end of the year and there is no better time to give yourself a moment to just chill out and pamper yourself. Take a moment to re-adjust and pamper your skin before or after all those Christmas parties.

The NEW 30-minute slots have been launched this week at Radiance Wellbeing in Bath. The new smaller time slots give visitors even more treatment options. Whether you add an extra 30-minute facial treatment onto another longer treatment OR for the time conscious, these shorter slots mean you can visit on your lunch break or after work.

Who doesn’t want to go back to work after lunch with glowing skin?

Roger said that the 30-minute option also gives people a chance to try out new treatments, maybe try something they’ve never had before. So for someone who is a newbie to treating themselves to a spa treatment, these shorter time slots are the perfect introduction to a new treatment.

Radiance Wellbeing

Located on New Bond Street Place, tucked away behind the busy bustling high street, Radiance Wellbeing is a relaxing haven away from the busy city centre.

Welcomed by the lovely team and spa co-founder Roger, I felt in no rush and instantly relaxed. By arriving 5/10 minutes early I had plenty of time to chill with a cup of Pukka herbal tea. The lovely Grace showed me up to The Drawing Room – one of their two twin therapy rooms.

The rooms are relaxing and each have character. For example the room I was in, The Drawing Room, had a mural on the wall which was specially commissioned and hand painted by local artist Alex Lucas (Lucas Antics). It was quite a large room with two armchairs in the corner for your treatment consultation, a large fireplace, and round the corner, two large waterfall showers. I instantly felt relaxed entering the room. We sat down on comfy armchairs first, for a quick consultation.

The decor is beautiful and even though they are situated in a small 480-year-old building, the rooms felt spacious but cosy.

THE TREATMENT – Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial (More info)

“A nutritional boost, rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energizing, detoxifying actives.”

I was treated to the Elemis Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial. I have had an Elemis facial before and it is always a treat as the products always smell amazing and feel gentle on your skin. Like many people it’s hard to just completely switch off but being tucked under a warm blanket, my head resting on a comfortable pillow and calming music filling the room, I very quickly felt very relaxed.

Big thank you to Grace for a brilliant facial!

Some people may think they can’t stop to relax – taking 30 minutes to think about nothing. Whether you are one of those people who can zone out or not, why not treat your mind and body to a calming environment, collect/organise your thoughts – whilst being pampered at the same time.

Thank you to Roger at Radiance Wellbeing for the invitation to try out this 30-minute facial. It was the perfect way to end to my week!

Find out more here: Radiance Wellbeing

Or to book, call: 01225 975 997

** Acknowledgement: Photos used in this post are courtesy of Radiance Wellbeing.


Monday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Tuesday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Wednesday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Friday: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Sunday: CLOSED (OPEN on Sundays from the 26th of November)

Joy can be “terrifying”: How To Practice Gratitude

[Video at the end]

“Cultivating gratitude and joy: “Letting go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark”

I thought I had worked out how to feel truly grateful and not take things for granted, but I think, after watching this video, I have been kidding myself. Do I really enjoy those moments of happiness fully? Or does that niggling thought of, “what if this never happens again… what if I don’t see them again… what if, what if” creep in and take over? Those feelings definitely hover around my mind in moments of happiness and joy which means that I’m not truly enjoying the moment.

I can’t believe just one YouTube video would make it so crystal clear and give me a new outlook on how to practice gratitude.

Dr. Brene Brown and Oprah discuss Dr. Browns book, “Daring Greatly” and highlight the “Guideposts for Wholehearted Living”.

No. 3 – Cultivating gratitude and joy: “Letting go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark”

Dr. Brown explains that “when we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding” – because we are scared joy will be taken away if we don’t acknowledge the other, darker thoughts; meaning that we never fully LEAN INTO those joyful moments, just in case we never have it again.

Even writing that out helps it make sense to me. If we NEVER fully allow ourselves to feel joy, enjoy the moment, and feel truly happy, then we restrict ourselves from living a joyful life – and we do not deserve that!

“In moments of joyfulness we try to beat vulnerability to the punch”

Key Moment:

3.22 seconds in

Another key moment in this discussion was when Dr. Brown mentioned what a man once said to her about being joyful.

“My whole life, I never got too excited, too joyful  about anything – just stayed in the middle – that way, if things didn’t work out I wasn’t devastated and if they did work out it was a pleasant surprise.”

Writing and reading it back on here has really clicked with me and it seems so silly that many of us (including myself) actually follow his way of thinking without realising.

Then Dr Brown mentioned that after this man lost his wife in a car accident he then said to her:

“the second I realised that she was gone, the first thing I thought was, I should have leaned harder into those moments of joy because that did not protect me from what I feel right now”

Dr. Brown mentions that some of us seem to dress rehearse tragedy, to protect and shield ourselves from bad things BUT this is not the way to live a full, happy life. Instead, all we need to do is practice gratitude.

“Once you actively practice gratitude you go through the day looking for it.”

It made so much sense when she mentioned that a lot of people, after losing someone they love, actually miss the ordinary, smaller, day to day things, rather than the extraordinary things.

So really, it can be so easy to practice gratitude everyday, from the moment you wake up to the people you meet throughout your day. The ordinary things in life should not be taken for granted and by actively practicing gratitude and thinking positively you can then enjoy those moments of joy and happiness fully – shutting out those thoughts of fear and negativity in the background.

It sounds so simple – and it is – but I think for myself and maybe you too, it does take time to train yourself, to slap those negative feelings in the face in moments of joyfulness.

Hope you get as much out of the video as I did. Enjoy!


“We must acknowledge the inspiring young women who have learned a lot already, who have had to deal with so much in their lives at a young age. Those who may not have the confidence to voice their struggles or a space to share their story and maybe think that their struggle isn’t inspirational, it’s just like everyone else’s. We all share common struggles and achievements in our lives but really EVERY SINGLE moment is unique to us.

^ Extract from my Journal post at bathsparklingwine.co.uk/womenofbath

I know I felt like that growing up, waiting for a moment to do something big, share my story, and find like-minded people in the world. I knew throughout my school life that I had more to share and wanted to listen to others, find out their experiences/fears/dreams in life. I always thought very philosophically at school but I didn’t really know that at the time. I just thought I was an over thinker and maybe too emotional… But really, thinking back to that time in my life I was just waiting for the moment to speak out, share my story and experiences. Not for a sob story or any other reason, but to share with others. I wanted to remind some people to not take their life or their loved ones lives for granted. I know I’m not the only person to lose someone or to go through a traumatic event, and I am in no way saying I have had a tough life. I am extremely grateful for the life I have and my childhood, but because I got the biggest wake-up call at a very young age I was aware; since the age of 11, that every day is precious and that life shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Find out more on my About page - the reasons behind my Charity Campaign. Or watch one of our campaign videos here.

It is only in the past few years I have felt more and more passionate about sharing my story. But particularly right now, working with Bath Sparkling Wine, helping them build an inspiring movement in Bath. We are meeting some incredible inspirational women via our own platform, who have some powerful life lessons to share. It has really motivated me to speak out even more. This is why I am really happy to have a blog at this time in my life, the awkward twentysomething stage. This is why, if you are at the same stage as me, still working things out, you should start a blog too – so we can all start working out life together… (CHEESE) 😉

No one else will have my story, and no one else will have YOUR story. So, of course, it’s worth sharing.

It’s sometimes those stories you hear, maybe forget over the years but occasionally pop up in your mind, the stories that stick with you without you realizing. Those stories or hardships shared that maybe you thought didn’t touch you or have a profound effect on you at the time, but in the end actually, have an impact on your life and alter your perspective. YOUR story may be that turning point for someone – a friend or a stranger. YOU could impact their life by sharing your experiences with them. I think you should feel confident to share your life experiences, whatever age – share via your social media, blog, video or even just writing down a few notes in a notepad. Remember what you have achieved, what you have overcome and don’t put yourself down.

Don’t think that those achievements need to be grades, a degree, a job or anything else in that type of category. Of course, pat yourself on the back for your hard work but life isn’t defined by the marks you gets or how much you earn: 

Life is defined by living it the way YOU want to live it.

I know my biggest personal achievements are the times when I am working out who I am (cheesy, I know) but learning to say NO, being friends with the people I actually want to be friends with, surrounding myself with positive people and finally opening up about my anxieties I have kept hidden away for over 12 years. It is so refreshing to be truly honest with yourself, living your life the way you want to live it. It might sound super cheesy and some of you might be thinking “Oh no, she’s off on another sentimental tangent again”, but actually think about it. You only have one life so why waste it being negative (or being surrounded by negativity) or even living your life by someone else’s rules. 

Every story is worth telling.

Royal Crescent Bath

Honesty leads to Good Things

Since writing my last post about being totally honest with yourself, doing what YOU want to do and acknowledging what actually matters in life made me realise how much I enjoy writing about being positive. Not only does it make me feel better – understanding myself better – but I hope it helps you guys too! I hope that if you are having a bad day or bad week that something like an inspirational quote/video might give you a little boost.

Quote Card

I know we hear this motivating talk all the time – the quotes that say “Do more of what you love” etc. etc. …but actually think about it for a second. What would you do? If you could do anything, thinking back to old childhood aspirations. What excited you as a kid but you felt the need to supress it and shut away after having to “grow up” and become an adult? Arianna Huffington (an amazing and motivating business woman!) suggested that we seem to lose some of our creativity and sense of wonder at a certain age. Not sure when we might lose it, it could be different for everyone, but at some point we give in to what looks like the only road to take – the road that everyone else seems to be on.

As I said in my last post I felt lost last year, and didn’t know where I was going. Everyone was telling me it was fine to feel lost, everyone was in the same boat but I felt like I was still losing the “race”. The race to get to a place where I felt content with my career, relationships, and everything else in life. However, recently I have realised that it REALLY doesn’t need to be a race at all! If we all reach our version of perfection in the early years of our life what else is there to look forward to? I like to think that the different decades of my life are for reaching new goals. I don’t need to try and achieve all my life goals and aspirations in one decade. For example, I would like to think of my 20’s, like most people think, as a time to “find myself” and all that jazz. Freedom to move from one place to another and test the waters doing different things, living in different places.

Why should we feel the need to be juggling all our dreams at once!? I believe that this is why we (well some of us) feel like we are never moving anywhere is our lives, because we want to continue spinning all these different plates all at once. (Suddenly a lot circus talk – juggling and spinning plates – Ha! Excuse that!)

After having a careers interview just after Christmas I thought I had really worked out what I wanted to do – finally! I knew what industries I wanted to work in and I was excited to actually have something to tell people. But without realising it still wasn’t enough. I came back chatting to friends in the same way I was last year, saying “Yes, I’m going to look up jobs today” and “Yes, seems like it would suit me”. However I really wasn’t 100% sure and still didn’t feel a massive drive to find anything. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard to find a job that is amazing and absolutely perfect, and sometimes it isn’t until you start a job until you realise how much you love it. That is the way some peoples journeys start and I think that’s a great way to get the ball rolling, but after posting my New Year resolutions post the other week I felt a change… (…”within me, something is not the same, I’m through with playing by the rules of someone elses game”. Sorry had to sing it out on here too – Defying Gravity from WICKED FYI – play it now as you read this 😉 ). It was the first blog post I didn’t feel nervous about posting. I am a little nervous about posting content because I don’t see myself as a great writer. But after writing something so personal and raw last week I didn’t care. I thought who friking cares if I make a spelling mistake and parts of it are messed up, you’ll all get the gist, you’re clever people 😉 All I cared about was writing exactly how I felt and hoping that some of you guys out there might feel the same.

Quote Card
Seriously… do it! ^^^

After getting positive feedback from friends about that post it helped boost my confidence a little to write more stuff like that – hence why I am writing this now. And amazingly it did reach out to other people too, people I have never met before telling me they really enjoyed reading it. It felt great to finally be so honest and for people to like it. Not only did it boost my confidence to write more positivity style blog posts but it also opened up a door to a new and exciting venture.

A new company called Bath Sparkling Wine approached me. As the name suggests, they are creating premium Sparkling wine here in Bath (the FIRST vineyard in Bath! I think that’s pretty cool!). But it isn’t just about wine, they are creating a movement – a movement that aims to inspire and empower all generations of women in Bath. Doesn’t this sound amazing?! I will tell all in my next blog post, but for now check out Bath Sparkling Wines first video:

New Year New Me

NEW YEAR Resolutions: Focus on what really matters

I was recently given this Thrive Journal, created by Arianna Huffington and Kikki K. It is a journal to reflect on different aspects of your life. It is a great book to review who you are – mind, body, aspirations etc. This book gave me the idea for this blog post. I wanted to finally lay everything out on the table and be honest with myself and start the New Year with a fresh and positive mind.


With everything that happened last year, feeling a little lost and unhappy that I wasn’t where I was supposed to be (mostly career wise). And stressing about bumping into people who would judge me every time I had the same old conversation, saying I’m still doing the same old thing. I had one of those conversations just a few days ago, bumping into someone who knew me from my school days. The classic conversation: “Is that you? Nooo, I wouldn’t have recognised you” “What you doing now?” The sympathetic head tilt to the side when I say I work in retail and then the “Do you know what you want to do?”, and when I don’t give a clear defined answer the sad puppy dog eyes come out, added with another head tilt; like there is no hope for me because I’m still deciding what I want to do in life when I’m 23! Definitely fed up with having those conversations! Instead of just focusing on the career aspect of life I wish you could change those conversations to – ‘So how has your year been?’ ‘What are you proud of achieving this year?’ – ending the conversation with “Life’s a marathron not a sprint” kind of vibe.

But, forgetting all those annoying conversations that make you feel down about life I want to pat myself on the back for last year, and I’m confident to say I am very proud of myself. Yes, it may not have been my most productive year career wise but finally I did one of the hardest things I have had to do in a long time. I finally opened up about all my anxieties that I deal with all day everyday. After opening up and speaking to someone I was told I had PTSD (which I don’t say to say “I have something – feel sorry for me”), just feels good to be completely honest and open. It helped me realise that I don’t have to feel this way anymore and how my anxieties really stem from something! Things started to fall into place near the end of 2016 and I really think it was because I dropped all defenses about everything, I didn’t have to feel strong anymore and I felt so relieved to open up about my anxieties.

I am in no way saying I’m all set, prepped and sorted and life is great. No no, far from that! Still a work in progress. But finally, I feel free and excited about the year ahead, ignoring those feelings of being judged by others – even though frankly, I don’t thinks anyone was. And well… for the people who maybe do judge me (the head tilters) – I don’t have time for you (sassy hand raise).

In the end I just knew I wasn’t pushing myself last year, not completely, and my anxieties definitely didn’t help that. I didn’t want to stray too far from normality and change too much in case of… well let’s just say due to a number of fears. But working through my PTSD and deciding not to be bullied by my anxious thoughts made me feel very empowered. I am in no way wasting what should be the most carefree and exciting time of my life by sitting in the same spot and daydreaming about all the things I “could do”.

So yeah, let’s get onto the positive stuff – enough blabber about my stuff. Receiving this book over Christmas has really helped as well, it’s perfect for writing down all your goals, setting priorities, practising gratitude and overall, it is a great book for some self reflection. I would recommend this book to everyone! Yes you may say, ‘I don’t have time to write down goals and sleep patterns’. But seriously, if you feel lost at any point this it would be a great book to look at to motivate you and get you back on the right track again.

I always think the more reflective I can be in my life, the more I can progress and live life BOLDLY! (Yes, the last bit I’ve taken from Me Before You 😉 Another great book to put life into perspective!)

Thrive Journal Kikki K

Here are some of the quotes I have come across in the past couple of months that make me feel inspired and ready for the New Year.

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John C. Maxwell

Start each day with a grateful heart.


What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

Jane Goodall


Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Jim Rohn


Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.

Doug Firebaugh

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.


And like the lovely lady J K Rowling said,

“It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case, you fail by default.”

I hope reading these quotes has made you feel motivated to start the New Year feeling postive and empowered! LET’S ALL MAKE 2017 AN EPIC YEAR!!

End Note: Let’s all be more open about mental health issues.

“Mental health matters!”

Buy this journal from Kikki K here.