emma hardie cleansing balm

I did take a risk buying this as it is quite expensive! Even though it is recommended by so many beauty bloggers/vloggers, I still didn’t know if it was worth the price.

I bought the smaller 100ml pot for £38.00. The 200ml is £55.00.

I heard about this product last October and wanted to try it out, but I thought I had a good cleansing routine in the evening, using a foamy, gel face wash. I attempt to cleanse my skin every night but let’s be honest, who can do that every night!? It was this video (below) that gave me a kick up the butt to STOP using makeup wipes to take off makeup and “cleanse” my skin.

I recently started watching Caroline Hirons YouTube channel. In this video, with Pixiwoo (Sam and Nic Chapman), discuss what your skin needs and Caroline’s favourite products.

What I learnt from the video:

  1. “If you have breakouts or acne and use an exfoliator with beads in it it will spread the infection.”
  2. Spraying water on your skin doesn’t make it hydrated; it makes it drier.
  3. “If you don’t have good skin you won’t have good makeup” – unless you are amazing at applying makeup.  

Talking about EH Cleansing Balm – the first 2 minutes:

Caroline recommended cleansing balms, and since Emma Hardies’ balm is raved about so much, I thought I’d give it a go.

eh cleansing balm

How to use EH Cleansing Balm:

It is amazing and so quick to use. You just place a small bit of the cleansing balm on your face and massage gently around your face, neck and eyes. What I love but found a bit weird when I first used it was to rub the balm around my eyes too. It takes off your eye makeup so quickly. Once you have massaged your face and neck and have big pander eyes, you wipe off the balm with warm water and the cloth.

emma hardie balm

You get one cloth with the cleansing balm pot and I guess you would have to clean the cloth after a while, or use a flannel instead. However, I did see in Space N K and on feelunique.com you can buy a set of three EH cloths for £14 (not sure if that is a good price or not).

“There is nothing about this cleanser that disappoints me. And I’m not alone – this little gem is winning awards left, right and centre” Caroline Hiron

I have really enjoyed using this balm; my skin feels like I have been pampering my skin for a long time and I go to bed feeling fresh faced. Now I don’t wake up with the occasional black mascara mark on my pillow. After I wash my face with this balm, I usually apply a hydrating overnight mask, such as Cliniques Moisture Surge mask. I wake up with my skin feeling hydrated, soft and with a little bit of a glow in the morning.

So if you want to treat yourself and invest in a skin care product, then this is the product to buy! It is annoying that it is so pricey but I know this balm will last me a very long time!

If you have any other cleansing balms, you like using, please write in the comments below. Or if you have a different night-time routine for your skin, please share 🙂

Check out Caroline Hirons blog and YouTube channel.

Emma Hardie Products:

Cleansing Balm: http://ow.ly/YwrEr
Cleansing Cloths: http://ow.ly/YwrKd


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