I recently got invited by The Hearing Care Partnership who offer premium ear care, to experience one of their full hearing assessments in their Bath branch.

This assessment includes various diagnostic tools to help to identify and monitor any changes in your hearing. THCP want to emphasise the importance of looking after your health, including your hearing for all ages. Our hearing sensitivity can worsen due to a number of factors including stress, lifestyle and even diet (levels of cholesterol and sugar).

Did you know…
“Hearing can start to deteriorate as early as 25 years old”

I was shocked to hear this and didn’t know that hearing issues could start so young, however, since my boyfriend aged 34 years old is half deaf, this did make some sort of sense.

My boyfriend Rob is deaf in one ear (his right ear) after losing it suddenly aged 28. Since being with Rob, ear health has definitely popped on to my radar a lot more and is now something I am very aware of. Still, I did not know it was so common for young people to experience these issues.

“Regular hearing tests are vital because hearing can deteriorate gradually, so issues are easier to correct the sooner they’re detected. All hearing tests with The Hearing Care Partnership are thorough, personalised, carried out by expert audiologists and completely free of charge.” – The Hearing Care Partnership

I had a really positive assessment experience and learnt more than I thought I would about the health of my ears. It was a very thorough process and really put my mind at ease to finally know what is going on inside my ears.

Just like you would book an eye test or a check-up at the doctors, booking a FREE hearing test definitely a worthwhile appointment!

Quick run-down of Rob’s hearing Story:

“I first lost my hearing while watching TV – I thought the sound had gone in one speaker so went to bed thinking all was fine. I woke up the next day realising I couldn’t hear anything in my right ear, and a constant high-pitched ringing in my ear started to get louder and louder and has been there ever since – 6 years. I COPE with it and have become a pro at lip reading but there are many many social situations that I can’t hear at all – from chatting in busy restaurants/cafes or if someone doesn’t face me directly to talk to me… I would never know what they were saying and might seem rude. Tinnitus is horrible and can really cause awful migraines. I am still testing multiple ways to “ignore” tinnitus.

I was really impressed with my hearing test at the THCP with Cathy – as much as there was no new news for me, I was ever to experience such an in-depth analysis of my hearing loss. Wish I had discovered them at the beginning of my hearing loss as they spent much more time explaining to me what was happening in my ear that anyone else has done in 6 years!

“One in ten UK adults have tinnitus – this can be a constant ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring or even musical sounds” – The Hearing Care Partnership

When I first heard Rob’s hearing loss story it really hit home to me how little I thought about the health of my ears. We can often take our senses for granted and until they are taken away we then realise how much we rely on them.

FYI – this is not a scaremongering post (at all), I just think it’s really important to take a moment now and again to remind ourselves to appreciate our health more often. Also, I think that when free assessments like this one are available it’s got to be used and it can only be a step in the right direction, to be more conscious of our WHOLE body.

“These free hearing assessments build a comprehensive picture of your hearing health. Hearing loss can occur very gradually and for a number of different reasons, so the sooner any possible issues can be picked up, the easier they are to correct. This helps us to give you the best possible level of care, to help you get the most out of life.” – The Hearing Care Partnership

THE TEST: What did the hearing test involve?

During the 30 minute appointment the fully qualified audiologist will take a look at your ear and see how different parts of your ear are performing. This is not invasive at all, simply a small thing to look inside your ear and some earplugs to wear during part of the test. Here’s a list of things you cover in your appointment:

  • Background history and lifestyle assessment.
  • Video otoscopy: photographing the outer ear, eardrum and canal in full colour. This is for checking the general health of the outer ear and looking for any possible issues (wax, perforations, infections etc)
  • Pure tone audiometry to check your ability to hear a range of different sounds and determine whether there is a hearing loss (if any).
  • Speech in quiet and in noise testing.
  • A personal hearing health report.

As I’ve mentioned above, THIS HEARING TEST IS FREE FOR ANYONE! I couldn’t believe it was free for such an in-depth assessment.

The only reason for payment is if you need to continue with treatments for example ear wax removal, bespoke hearing aids or sleeping/swimming earplugs.

I would really really recommend booking in for an assessment. It might not be something you are concerned about in your life right now but why not give your ears a little bit of TLC by checking that they are both ‘A’ ok!

Useful fact from expert audiologist Cathy Brett:

  • You should only listen to music through headphones for MAX. 60 minutes a day.

Book your FREE hearing assessment at www.thcp.co.uk/hearing-services/free-hearing-test

The Hearing Care Partnership Bath is located in Ellis & Killpatrick Opticians.

Ellis & Killpatrick 18 New Bond Street, BA1 1BA

01225 685 485

*Big thank you to The Hearing Care Partnership and Polly at 3 White Hats PR for inviting me to review this assessment and for Rob’s gifted bespoke swimming earplugs. Also thank you to the lovely Cathy Brett who carried out both of our assessments.

Note: Some images used in this blog post are courtesy of The Hearing Care Partnership.

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