Since writing my last post about being totally honest with yourself, doing what YOU want to do and acknowledging what actually matters in life made me realise how much I enjoy writing about being positive. Not only does it make me feel better – understanding myself better – but I hope it helps you guys too! I hope that if you are having a bad day or bad week that something like an inspirational quote/video might give you a little boost.

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I know we hear this motivating talk all the time – the quotes that say “Do more of what you love” etc. etc. …but actually think about it for a second. What would you do? If you could do anything, thinking back to old childhood aspirations. What excited you as a kid but you felt the need to supress it and shut away after having to “grow up” and become an adult? Arianna Huffington (an amazing and motivating business woman!) suggested that we seem to lose some of our creativity and sense of wonder at a certain age. Not sure when we might lose it, it could be different for everyone, but at some point we give in to what looks like the only road to take – the road that everyone else seems to be on.

As I said in my last post I felt lost last year, and didn’t know where I was going. Everyone was telling me it was fine to feel lost, everyone was in the same boat but I felt like I was still losing the “race”. The race to get to a place where I felt content with my career, relationships, and everything else in life. However, recently I have realised that it REALLY doesn’t need to be a race at all! If we all reach our version of perfection in the early years of our life what else is there to look forward to? I like to think that the different decades of my life are for reaching new goals. I don’t need to try and achieve all my life goals and aspirations in one decade. For example, I would like to think of my 20’s, like most people think, as a time to “find myself” and all that jazz. Freedom to move from one place to another and test the waters doing different things, living in different places.

Why should we feel the need to be juggling all our dreams at once!? I believe that this is why we (well some of us) feel like we are never moving anywhere is our lives, because we want to continue spinning all these different plates all at once. (Suddenly a lot circus talk – juggling and spinning plates – Ha! Excuse that!)

After having a careers interview just after Christmas I thought I had really worked out what I wanted to do – finally! I knew what industries I wanted to work in and I was excited to actually have something to tell people. But without realising it still wasn’t enough. I came back chatting to friends in the same way I was last year, saying “Yes, I’m going to look up jobs today” and “Yes, seems like it would suit me”. However I really wasn’t 100% sure and still didn’t feel a massive drive to find anything. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard to find a job that is amazing and absolutely perfect, and sometimes it isn’t until you start a job until you realise how much you love it. That is the way some peoples journeys start and I think that’s a great way to get the ball rolling, but after posting my New Year resolutions post the other week I felt a change… (…”within me, something is not the same, I’m through with playing by the rules of someone elses game”. Sorry had to sing it out on here too – Defying Gravity from WICKED FYI – play it now as you read this 😉 ). It was the first blog post I didn’t feel nervous about posting. I am a little nervous about posting content because I don’t see myself as a great writer. But after writing something so personal and raw last week I didn’t care. I thought who friking cares if I make a spelling mistake and parts of it are messed up, you’ll all get the gist, you’re clever people 😉 All I cared about was writing exactly how I felt and hoping that some of you guys out there might feel the same.

Quote Card
Seriously… do it! ^^^

After getting positive feedback from friends about that post it helped boost my confidence a little to write more stuff like that – hence why I am writing this now. And amazingly it did reach out to other people too, people I have never met before telling me they really enjoyed reading it. It felt great to finally be so honest and for people to like it. Not only did it boost my confidence to write more positivity style blog posts but it also opened up a door to a new and exciting venture.

A new company called Bath Sparkling Wine approached me. As the name suggests, they are creating premium Sparkling wine here in Bath (the FIRST vineyard in Bath! I think that’s pretty cool!). But it isn’t just about wine, they are creating a movement – a movement that aims to inspire and empower all generations of women in Bath. Doesn’t this sound amazing?! I will tell all in my next blog post, but for now check out Bath Sparkling Wines first video:

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