10 Lip Products I Love

Lip Products I Love!

I love finding new lipsticks and lip creams. Below, I have listed my ten favourite lip products. Some I have received as presents and some I have bought myself. Take a look at some of my favourite red, pink and nude lipsticks, plus my MUST HAVE lip cream!

Clarins Instant Light: Natural Lip Perfector – Rose Shimmer

Clarins Instant Light

A nude gloss that adds light and moisture your lips.

I have been bought this twice now and will buy it myself when it runs out. It is glossy gel type consistency that isn’t sticky. This lip lighter really does light up your lips! I love applying this as it has a soft tip, so it is very easy to apply on the go. I have it in a very subtle pink, nude colour so it is good for every day. It can also act as a gloss – I sometimes use it top of my pink lipsticks.

Clinique Chubby Stick Baby Tint

Clinique Baby Tint Balm

A tinted moisturising lip balm.

Another product that is easy to apply on the go. I always have this tinted lip balm in my bag. Unlike some other tinted lip balms, this one actually does give you a subtle hint of colour. I bought it in baby pink as I am a big fan of natural/nude colours. I recently bought my sister a red tint version of the balm, which again gives you a subtle hint of red (good for anyone who wears red lipstick every day). I usually use this balm throughout the day and sometimes apply it on top of lipstick. I wear lipstick nearly every day and on the days where I haven’t used a lip liner to fill in my lips, my lipstick sometimes fades to the edges of my mouth. I use this balm to blend the lipstick colour back into my lips. Even though I will then have some lipstick colour on my balm and just use a tissue to wipe it clean.

Chantecille Lipstick – Cassia

Chantecille Lipstick

Darker nude for all year round.

A gorgeous, GORGEOUS colour! This is a great darker nude for all year round! I actually went into Space N K to buy a Nars lipstick, but they had run out of the colour I wanted (I will try to remember which colour it was). The lady recommended trying out this lipstick colour, which was very similar. This lipstick is great, once applied at the start of the day the lipstick will last. Obviously, it doesn’t completely stay on my lips due to eating and drinking BUT I notice that the colour tints my lips, so even when this lipstick fades later in the day it leaves some colour on my lips. This is one of my all-time favourite lip colours. I am so glad I was introduced to Chantecille lipsticks now. Once this lipstick has run out, I look forward to trying out some of their other colours.

Chantecille Lipstick Colour

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Luxury pampering for your lips!

I can’t live without this now. I put this cream on once before I go to bed and once in the morning. If you are like me, a snorer, mouth wide open, deep breather while sleeping then you need this! If I don’t use it at night, I will wake up with dry lips. I occasionally use it more than twice a day in the Winter months, but this cream really does last a long time! I bought it last May (2015) and I still have a good amount left.

Estee Lauder – Fuchsia Fever

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Fever

Add a splash of colour with a vibrant pink lip!

A bright colour for the spring/summer! I wasn’t sure if I would like this colour at first, but once I put it on I loved it. Like a lot of Estee Lauder lipsticks, this lipstick easily glides onto the lips.

Estee Lauder Fuchsia Fever Colour

Illamasqua Lipstick – Box

Illamasqua Lipstick

A statement matte red.

A lovely rich red, this lipstick is one of the best dramatic reds I have tried. I usually use this lipstick just for special occasions (when I have more time to concentrate putting on lipstick).  It is one of my favourite red lipsticks, HOWEVER, compared to other brands I don’t find it as soft and easy to apply. Due to it being a matte lipstick, is doesn’t easily glide on BUT once it has warmed up on my lips or if I use a lip brush then it works great. I wouldn’t use this as an everyday red lipstick due to it being very bold and dramatic, and as I mentioned before, takes some time to apply. However, similar to the Chantecille lipstick above I found that once this lipstick did fade (which takes quite a LONG TIME!) it still leaves a lovely red tint.

Illamasqua Lipstick Colour

Lip Products I Love!

Clarins – Rouge Eclat – Woodrose

Clarins Woodrose Lipstick

A nude for every occasion!

Like my Chantecille lipstick, this is my other top all year round lipstick! I got this lipstick for Christmas this year and I have used it nearly every day since. As I mentioned above, it is a subtle nude for all occasions and feels moisturising too. LOVE IT!

Clarins Woodrose Lipstick Colour

Mac – Retro Matte – All Fired Up

Mac Matte Lipstick All Fired Up

Add for a fun, bright lip. Perfect for Spring/Summer!

My favourite matte colour! This reddy, fuchsia colour is my favourite lipstick for the summer. Even though it is a matte lipstick is glides on your lips quite easily. This lipstick is a very flattering bright pink colour for all skin tones.

Mac Matte Lipstick All Fired Up Colour

Estee Lauder – Pure Colour Nectarine Shimmer

Estee Lauder Nectarine ShimmerEveryday red.

A creamy texture and a glossy finish, this lipstick is one of my favourite reds to apply. It isn’t a really pigmented red, but it is good for a subtle red lip that lasts all day.

Estee Lauder Nectarine Shimmer Colour

Bourjois – Sweet Kiss

Bourjois Lipstick Sweet Kiss
A creamy everyday red.

A pinky red, with a little shine. Sweet Kiss has thicker, creamier texture than my Estee Lauder lipstick (above), which means that one application is enough. This lipstick has argan oil in so it feels moisturising and gives you a good amount of colour all day.

Bourjois Lipstick Sweet Kiss Colour

Next thing on my list is to make my own lip scrub.

What are your favourite lip products? 


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