I was scared… but it didn’t hurt AND it was really worth it!

We’ve all heard here and there the hype surrounding the latest brow trend of ‘microblading’. Usually I stay away from new trends until there have been trialled and tested over and over, usually waiting for friends to try things first and usually JUST missing the band wagon on most trends. But this time I surprised myself, when I agreed to try out microblading. DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

I was particularly fearful of the ‘blading’ part of the word, having fainted 12 times in my life due to blood, I thought the word blading doesn’t really sound like a good idea when having a treatment on my skin. BUT, it’s not scary at all! I would easily have this done over and over again.


Side note for any fellow squeamish peeps out there:

Is there blood?

Now, I am a squeamish person, I mean SQUEAMISH (like I said before, fainted 12 times due to blood – usually in films though). I thought ‘Why would I do this too myself when I HAVE HEARD BEFORE that they will be blood?!’ BUT! My dear friend, I saw no blood. I didn’t think about it and I didn’t feel like I was bleeding (eww, I hate even talking about it). It’s just like tiny little paper cuts on the skin, so some tiny cuts might bleed a little and some don’t.

Why did I do it?

I have had issues with my brows for a LONG time, never being happy with the shape when I was younger and wondered why my brows never looked naturally “perfect” – damn you people with naturally perfect brows!

My brows have always been quite straight. When I don’t brush them or pencil them in in the morning I would look (well I think I look) like I look I have a sad looking face – or just plain old moody.

It was the one thing I got into later though, after going through the stage of plucking in my teens and being too scared to draw over my gappy mistakes, I slowly but surely started to try penciling. However, even penciling couldn’t hide the over plucked brows!



Don’t get me wrong, there are now some fantastic products out there for the brow scaredy-cats like me, but still there was nothing I could do to change the shape permanently, even with penciling.

My brows before microblading…

Make-up Free Brows

The times when I would love to have make-up free brows would be on holiday, especially when swimming. I have always felt that in order to leave the hotel room and look presentable the ONE thing I MUST do is touch up/sort out my brows. But then, with a bare, half awake, morning face, no one wants darkened, over penciled brows. That’ll be one striking morning face! Still, this is just my experience and my brow penciling skills. I know a lot of you out there have got this brow thing down, but for those of us who have hit and miss experiences with our brows, I’m pretty sure I’ve found the answer for us!

My lovely lovely brow lady, Alison, has been tidying/tinting my brows for over a year now. Every since she told me she looks at it from an artist’s point of view, making sure each clients brows are unique to them, suiting their face shape, I knew she completely understood that I didn’t want “TRENDY BROWS” – I wanted brows to just for me! Since then I have been back time and time again.

Alison mentioned to me ages ago that she was offering microblading, but to me that sounded WAY TOO INTENSE FOR ME. I didn’t want semi-permanent makeup on my face. HOWEVER, after thinking about how long I have worried about my brows, running back to have them tinted over and over again, I thought why would I not even consider this option. An option that HAS been trialed and tested now by many people around the world. Yes, we might have heard the old horror stories about brow tattooing years ago, but this is completely different.

The microblading technique is so precise so it’s hard for someone, especially the steady hands of Alison, to make any mistakes.

So are you intrigued?

Let me talk to you through my first appointment.

First of all Alison took time measuring and marked out my face. With a small piece of string she would make mark where my brows should start/finish, holding the string beside my nose and following it up to my brows. There were so many lines of my face, I could tell she didn’t measured out where a natural looking brow would sit on my face.

I swear after this photo she measured them more – so even more lines across my brows.

Can you tell she’s precise? 😉

(Those aren’t scared eyes, trust me haha!)

As Alison mentioned to me, the block outlined around the brows doesn’t mean that I will have a block of colour marked onto my skin, it’s simply a guideline for her.

She then put on a numbing cream for 20-30 minutes – in this time I have a lash lift, which made good use of the time. I would also really recommend a lash lift too. It’s super easy to do and again, you can last weeks and weeks without wearing any eye makeup.

Back to the brows…

Alison was super careful and the first mark (yes, it’s a cut, but I don’t like saying cut haha) she made with the blade was so light I could barely feel it. It was great because she made one mark and then stopped to check if it felt ok and ask if I was happy for her to continue. I laughed, and said I couldn’t feel a thing.

After a few more scratches on the skin, at times I could feel it more. It felt like some with a sharp nail just scratching your skin. I think the only bit that felt weird was the sound. A tiny little scratching sound on the skin, which is hard to explain, but that was the only part that might be weird/sound a little odd.

I was fine with it but I guess if I didn’t like it the next time or you think you the sound would put you off, put some headphones in and relax. Without hearing the sound of each scratch you would barely realise what was happening.

When you look like this you might as well take some odd looking selfies…

Don’t worry, I didn’t walk out looking like this. This is just the dye put on the brows.

Half way through the process, Alison applied a little more numbing cream. She went over each brow twice in this first appointment. The second appointment will be to touch up of any areas that need filling in a little more. Alison said when she finished that she doesn’t scratch the skin too much the first time, so you’ll never look like you have drastically different brows, just a bit fuller. The second appointment you can advise her on how much more you want done.

Another side note, check out Alison’s beautiful view from her treatment room in Bathford. Now that’s the sort of view you need to relax you.

The After Care

So for the first 7-10 days you must apply a cream three times a day, if possible. Alison told me that after 24 hours you brows do tend to go a little darker, but nothing drastic. This is just you skin drying up and taking the dye in. After the first day (and yes, you can go outside that first day), your brows start to fade back to the moment you first had a look at them after the microblading treatment.

This is as dark as mine got for a day or two, but nothing drastic. I didn’t feel like I have massive dark blocks drawn on my face. It still matched my hair colour!

Over the 7-10 days the only thing I noticed was on day 6 or 7 they became a little itchy, all because of the teeny tiny cuts scabbing. When I said scabbing, you can’t tell at all. Your brows will just feel a little dryer over those 7-10 days, that’s why the cream helps. After that your brows feel perfectly normal.

Here are a few pics a few days later, after the treatment.

So that was stage one of the microblading treatment, there is a second appointment that checks them over again and usually to add in a few more fake “hairs”, to fill in any gaps – if you want them fuller.

So to sum up my microblading experience – I am SO SO happy with my brows and can’t believe I haven’t had this done sooner!

For all the people with brow issues (men and women might I add), this treatment is a lifesaver. No more faffing over your brows, brow pencil errors and finally your brows will shape your face beautifully. It’s a really confidence booster!

To book with Alison at The Brow Work please head over to her Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/thebrowworks/. She offers many other treatments too.

To see more photos pop over to and follow @thebrowworks on Instagram too.

The Brow Works is located in Bathford AND at Number Three hair salon on Saville Row, Bath.


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