We’ve decided to combine our blogs for a NEW blog series called MR & MRS WOO REVIEW.


Ok, before we start we’d just like to say that, no, we aren’t actually married but obviously we are together (BF/GF).
The Name
It’s kind of obvious isn’t it… I’m KATIE WOO & that means my partner is MR WOO… right!? Haha! Not really – one because Woo isn’t my real last name (just a nickname) and two, we aren’t MR & MRS. But still, it’s catchy isn’t it?!
So what is this new blog series you ask?
As a couple we will be reviewing restaurants, cafes, hotels and more, from a couples point of view. We will be reviewing issues such as: Is it a good spot for date night? Is it a good place to have alone time? Is is a good place to relax? Multiple questions to review to make sure your “alone time” together is stress free, relaxing and fun.
Sooo… to start this series of blog posts we will introduce ourselves.

Mr Woo

(from www.ultrarunnerbean.com)

Hi I’m Mr Woo, a plant based runner who LOVES food. I decided to go plant based a year ago, but solely for health reasons and I will from time to time have dairy and meat. For example the cupcake I’m eating in the picture isn’t plant based! I love any kind of food and enjoy my time in the kitchen almost as much as I like spending time in restaurants. I spent 4 years living abroad and I love travelling and exploring, and I look forward to sharing my love for all of these in this new blog series!

Mrs Woo

Hello! I’m Mrs Woo (KATIE from KATIE WOO BLOG). My life basically revolves around food. If I go on holiday, it’s ALL about good food! I am a huge chocoholic – Mr Woo will vouch for that, seeing me eat large (I MEAN LARGE) bars of chocolate within seconds. I am also the type of girl who will eat cake and chocolate for breakfast (healthy I know! I need to work on that). So as you might have guessed I have a huge sweet tooth! I love eating out and discovering new restaurants/cafes. I am also a HUGE FAN of food styling since taking a course at Leiths in London as few years ago. You will usually find me taking a zillion photos of one dish (luckily Mr Woo understands). I like to think my appreciation of food styling is my excuse to always take a photo.
Each review will appear on both of our blogs. Still from our own point of view but with added contribution/feedback from the other half.
Our first Mr & Mrs Woo Review will be LIVE this week.
Please let us know if there is anywhere you think we should go and review. We’ve got a list together already but would love some more recommendations!

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