We recently visited Widbrook Grange, an 18th century Georgian country house hotel. We have been wanting to visit for a while…

Katie: Especially since the hotel welcomes dogs! (OBSESSSSSED 😉 )

But also because we were happily surprised to find out they had a vegan menu! We are always on the hunt for restaurants that serve great food for both meat eaters AND vegans.

*** Mr and Mrs Woo Review Widbrook Grange Restaurant ***

Would you recommend this to your friends? Yes!

Price range [££££]:   £££

Dietary needs: 9/10 (offering a Vegan & Gluten Free Menu)

Best time to visit: At the weekend, on a sunny Spring/Summer day

Romantic rating: 8/10



The restaurant is located at the back on the main house, looking out onto back stable blocks and front garden terrace.

So… ONTO THE FOOD you say…

Well, before we get to the food, can we just take note of how BIG this glass of wine was.

First off, the bread!

Rob: I had the vegan option.

Katie: I had the warm bread, with two butter options, one with chives and one salted. I could have eaten this bread as the main – really – it was so moreish, and warm bread with salty butter on top is one of my favourite things.

Some restaurants gloss over the bread options, occasionally being offered dry bread with a lack of butter or oil, but you could tell at Widbrook Grange put thought even into just a side starter of bread.


The Mains


Rob: YUM! I had the Roasted Aubergine, chive and black garlic polenta, pepper and butter bean cassoulet, pok choi, chervil apple sauce.

The polenta was delightful, as was the roast aubergine. The flavours were great! I find that some places believe a vegan meal has to be spicy, so it’s good to see Widbrook Grange ignored this, and created a flavoursome dish.

Katie: I love dishes like this! I choose the Slow roasted chilli and honey beef ribs, fondant potato, steam vegetables and red wine gravy. A good old roast style dish presented beautifully (anything with gravy is a roast to me haha). I find that when restaurants over load a plate with food I often fill full even before eating it, but this was the perfect amount.

Oh and back to one of the most important things in this dish, THE GRAVY. I’m happy to say, for all you fellow gravy feens, they served the perfect amount of gravy… and my was it good!


Rob: Apple and golden raisin tart, spiced apply sorbet and mulled blackberries.

This was sooo nice. The sorbet was really good and went well with the apple and raisin tart. It was great to enjoy a pastry dessert – especially as a vegan. I haven’t found many vegan pastry desserts, so this was a treat!

Katie: Blackberry cheesecake, blackberry textures.

Now I am a fan of cheesecake, HOWEVER, I have been put off in recent years on ordering cheesecake for dessert. Sometimes I find a cheesecake can be too much after a meal and not a very refreshing pudding to end on. I was expecting the usual large slice of cheesecake, expecting that I wouldn’t be able to finish it all… but guess what… I scrapped the plate clean.

This is my sort of cheesecake. Two mini blocks on a light cheesecake, served with variations of blackberries. In the centre of the plate sat a light and refreshing blackberry mousse. On the side was a scoop of homemade blackberry ice-cream – and guess what, it was light and refreshing too. The combination of all the textures and flavours made this dessert VERY easy and enjoyable to eat.

I think you can probably tell how much I liked this dessert – I’ve babbled on for a bit now – I’ll stop.

Whoever said women talk more than men… are definitely right here.


After the meal, to let the food digest, we took a stroll around the grounds. Playing a bit of outdoor chess (Katie: and kind of on the look out for four legged guests – sounds creepy – I’m talking about dogs)

We really really love Widbrook Grange and can’t wait to go back again – especially to taste their gins in their Gin Tasting Room.

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