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I was invited by the lovely people at Absurd Bird to a cookery demonstration ahead of the opening of their new restaurant in Bath. This was opportunity to try some of their delicious ‘Hero’ dishes and cocktails. But this wasn’t just a sit down and watch demonstration, no no, they got us involved. Not only did a few of us go up and help spatch-cock a chicken – chef Andy made it look so easy! We also helped to make some of the melt in the mouth jalapeno biscuits. We were encouraged to come up with cringey chicken related puns throughout the evening, and the best pun would win something at the end of the night.


This restaurant is all about the American South. Southern spirit oozes from all the dishes and drinks. After each dish we got to try them and by the end of the cooking demonstration we had a feast of food to indulge in.
We tried multiple dishes including;
 Mac and cheese Absurd Bird
 Head chef Andy dishing up the mac and cheese.img_2955
Mac and cheese with their ‘house spice’, topped with Cheeto crumbs, panko bread crumbs and parsley. Moreish, creamy but not too heavy like some mac and cheeses can be. I just wish I didn’t have to share this dish with the other guests that night.
Mac and Cheese Absurd Bird
Dish 2 – Spinach and Artichoke dip with fried tortilla chips. This dip was creamy and  very addictive. Again I wish I didn’t have to share it with everyone else.
Dish numero 3 was the Jalapeño cheese biscuits – not something I would look at on a menu straight away but these are little melt in the mouth moments, very much like scones.
These biscuits had a hint of spice and heat but nothing too over powering. The warm biscuits were served with a delicious apple butter which added the right amount of sweetness.
Then onto the chicken, the main contender. The skin was crisp, not too thick or greasy with a selection of different sauces on top. My particular favourite was the Smoked Garlic and Parmesan chicken wings.
             fullsizerender_3           fullsizerender_6
Me attempting to cut up the wings – and yes, I did about 4 in the time the girl next to me did about 10! And I thought I was a good cook.
fullsizerender_1   fullsizerender
To quench our thirst we were served two cocktails by the lovely Nicole and Ed – Kentucky Barn Dance and Ol’ Blue Eyes. For each cocktail Nicole explained how she made it and provided us with great knowledge of where Moonshine came from and how it is made.
The first, Kentucky Barn Dance, tasted like eating apple pie, not too sweet to have with a meal but full of flavour! The second is for the person who enjoys a strong, musky taste of whisky, includes Jack Daniels, apple and cinnamon Moonshine, lemon juice, simple syrup and a dash of Angostura bitters.
We then had a chance to taste the fried chicken wings in ‘Dirty buns’ garnished with spicy sriracha mayo and a pickle on top. Plus two of their salads on the side, Quinoa and Mango salad and the Watermelon and Feta salad. Perfect to refresh the palette after all these strong spiced flavours.


Dipsy Buns – these are like brioche but with a little extra sugar in. They were steamed rather than baked making them a light fluffy texture. Served with a creme anglaise on top and two dipping sauces, chocolate and caramel, on the side.
And finally with the Dipsy Bun dessert we were served the final cocktail of the night – the Mississippi Mud Pie cocktail. Made up of vanilla Moonshine, chocolate sauce and cream. This was so delicious, you really couldn’t tell you were drinking a strong alcoholic spirit.
The dish that stood out to me was the chicken, which isn’t a surprise when Absurd Birds’ main focus is on great cooked chicken. You could tell the chicken was prepped for hours as it was so succulent and tender, and the sauces sticking to the thin crispy outer layer were delicious.
My friend and I could NOT stop talking about this chicken for the rest of the evening, we just wanted more!!
     fullsizerender_8     img_2952
Ever since this event I have raved too all my friends about how they need to try all their food. I think I’m going to have A LOT of food on my table when I visit – don’t judge me.
It’s indulgent but not as naughty as it may sound to some of you who are more health conscious about fried chicken. All the dishes tasted light, and that’s why I could eat a lot of it!! The chicken didn’t feel greasy, it was all prepared and cooked to a high standard, so you would never feel guilty about treating yourself to some fried chicken.

As Andy the chef said, this is ‘In your face street food’. Nothing too fancy but just prepared well, flavoursome good food.

So I would recommend visiting the restaurant as soon as you can, I think this is going to be a popular foodie destination in Bath so get in quick!

Start prepping for your visit now and take a look at the menu.

Thanks again to Absurd Bird Bath for the invite and for Hobson’s Choice showrooms for hosting us all that evening.

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