It was lovely to be invited to Tapas Revolution Bath last week ahead of their opening. We were greeted by the chef and founder Omar Allibhoy who has seven tapas restaurants over the country. This restaurant is his biggest restaurant so far. He has been a busy man, releasing his second cookbook alongside launching Tapas Revolution in Bath. Whilst sipping on their range of different gin and tonics drinks and nibbling on small tapas plates we were introduced to Omar.

We were then taken into the kitchen to get our hands dirty. In groups of three we made our own paella, following a traditional recipe. Omar talked us though the ingredients and cooking techniques used to make a glorious, flavoursome paella.
Omar’s Top Tips for cooking a traditional paella
A few things surprised me…
  • Seasoning the pan first, which I have never done before.
  • Not stirring the chicken, searing it instead to keep in moisture.
  • Finally, the technique I couldn’t get my head around, because it goes against everything I have learnt whilst cooking – STIRRING THE PAELLA ONCE! YES, ONCE!! Instead of stirring we occasionally shook the pan. Omar told us that the more we stir the dish the most starch will come out of the rice, making it sticky.

The weird rabbit face you pull when you think you’ve done something wrong and messed up the dish… 😉

 “With paella there is no exact recipe – it’s all by eye” Omar Allibhoy

Paella de pollo: Chicken, green beans and chicken stock.

We then sat down to enjoy our delicious paella and were served lots of other tapas plates. The ham and cheese croquettes being my favourite (Croquetas de jamón: deep-fried Ibérico ham and béchamel croquettes). These were little melt in the mouth joys! Not too stodgy or rich – so you can end up eating them VERY quickly. According to Omar, you can judge how great a tapas restaurant is depending on how good their croquettes are.
Classic Patatas Bravos

Pulpo a la gallega: steamed octopus with potatoes and pimentón paprika.

First time trying octopus and it was delicious! 
Not only were we served a moreish selection of tapas dishes, we were given endless amounts of cocktails to try. Yes, that is three cocktails in front of me… I tried them all 😉

The restaurant will also serve breakfast and lunch.

Finally, finishing our meal with a sweet treat.

Torrija, caramelised brioche bun soaked in custard, served warm. This was extremely moreish and actually surprising light.

I love that this restaurant is suitable for all kinds of occasions, casual drinks and a few tapas dishes sat at the bar, breakfast (very intrigued to find out more about the brekkie dishes), or a full sit down meal. Sharing paella and a jug of sangria. What is also very helpful is the set menus, a ready-made selection of tapas dishes – because if you are like me it would take a year to choose just a few of their delicious dishes to try.

Thanks again to Omar Allibhoy for giving us a tapas masterclass. Cannot wait to go back and eat that paella again.


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