Breakfast Preview at The Ivy Brasserie Bath


I was invited to attend a little preview of the breakfast menu this week. We were given a small taster menu of the breakfast on offer.

We were given a selection of mini pastries and tea and coffee to start.

I chose the Eggs Royale and Green Juice.

Egg Royale: Poached eggs on top of an English breakfast muffin, with smoked salmon, lemon, and a hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce is perfection!

Green Juice: full of natural goodness: Avocado, mint, celery, spinach, apple, parsley.

Not too “grassy” but maybe not the best green juice to start with if you are not a fan of green juices.

I really enjoyed the Green Juice however it was quite filling with the rest of the breakfast. Maybe just a juice and a couple of mini pastries would be enough for another breakfast.

One of the best seats in the house. With a view of the busy Milsom Street and below the stunning chandelier inside.

A little gift to take home…

Welcoming The Ivy Brasserie to Bath

Tomorrow is the day! The stunning, luxurious Ivy Brasserie is opening in Bath.

Located on Milsom Street.

As we know The Ivy London oozes filmstar glamour, elegant dining and ArtDeco inspired contemporary decor. This is exactly what The Ivy Brasserie brings to Bath but with a more relaxed and accessible presence. Open to all and offering all-day dining, you can pop in for a relaxing coffee or a quick after work drink or celebrate a special occasion with friends.

I interviewed the General Manager Katja Kammerer and asked her a few questions about what we can expect from The Ivy Brasserie Bath.

When did The Ivy Brasserie chain start?

“We started in November 2004. We refurbished the original Ivy (London) and at the same time opened our Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden – so it was almost, if we close one for a few months, let’s open something else that actually looks quite similar in style – so you still get that “gentlemen’s cigar club”, very symmetrical, black and white, all those big stage actors, that theatre feel in the Market Grill… and that’s pretty much what kicked it off. Then after that, we had Marylebone, Chelsea, High Street Kensington, Wimbledon so then quite slowly it built the collection.”

What makes your British dishes stand out from anywhere else in Bath? 

“I think that you have that glamour from The Ivy combined with some of the traditional dishes, like the Shepherds Pie which has been around for a hundred years. So it is obviously the name The Ivy carries and it’s the glamour that comes across and makes it special but more accessible. So instead of having a 3-month waiting list to go to The Ivy (and making it that one place to get into), you now have it in more and more major cities – so you can just pop in for a coffee, for some pastries, afternoon tea. We always keep a proportion of our restaurant available for the local residents for exactly that – to have that glamour in a very accessible way. You can come in just for a coffee and some pastries but you can also have your 50th Anniversary here.”

“We wanted The Ivy Brasserie Bath to have a neighbourhood feel and located on a beautiful street in Bath that everyone knows”

Katja explained that it was important for The Ivy Brasserie to be incorporated into the neighbourhood and pay homage to the historical and cultural relevance of Bath.

Do the menus differ across the different Ivy Brasserie locations? And are some of the ingredients sourced locally?

“In the Ivy Collection, we have cafés, brasseries, and gardens and they all have slightly different menus but there is a lot they have in common. But all the different restaurants have something that will make them a bit more special to them. We are also very aware that Somerset has a wide range of local markets and local produce and we are aware of it and want to incorporate it. We do have a Blue Cheese and Apple Salad with Bath Blue Cheese, we have Beauty Of Bath Apples, and we are using Somerset brandy for our flambé desserts.

Going forward we will, particularly with our drinks, look into how we can make them more local because we are very aware of the importance of that.”

Do you have a signature Bath cocktail?

“We have a beautiful cocktails list, some created by our bar team specifically for Bath. We have some very prominent names on our cocktail list so you will recognise some of them from place names to street names. We also have a cocktail that was made specifically for us.”

Afternoon Tea at The Ivy Brasserie: Everyday 3-5pm

“We have incorporated the Bath Buns in the afternoon tea – something very specific to this brasserie and they are delicious, believe me.”

Vegan or vegetarian options

“We do offer a selection of vegetarian dishes (for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and we do provide solid training to all the waiters/waitresses and the rest of the management team, so we are approachable in certain alterations as much as possible.”

Can we expect any exciting plans for Christmas – Offers/Seasonal dishes?

“We like to keep our menu as seasonal as possible and there will be some more Christmas inspired items. But we are keeping it under wraps at the moment – keeping it a surprise until later on.”

MORE! Opening in Spring 2018!

The second floor and terrace

There will be a second bar on the second floor with a dining area

The terrace will be open until 10pm


The Ivy Bath Brasserie

** Acknowledgement: a few of the photos used in this post are courtesy of The Ivy Brasserie Bath PR. 

A/W 2017 Beauty Essentials

Helping you find your Glowing Autumn/Winter Goddess Essentials!


Where has summer gone?! It’s gone in a flash. We can’t complain we didn’t get enough sun during the heat waves in the early months of Summer. So now that chance for a Summer tan has disappeared we need help finding that healthy glow again. We all want to keep a Summer glow for as long as possible so here are some Autumn/Winter essentials to keep you looking like a glowing goddess throughout the cooler A/W months.


Keep that skin plump and replenished to combat the chilly Autumn winds. Our skin feels a lot tighter as the weather gets cooler, and you can really feel the effects of cold weather on your skin. The best way to protect your skin is to have a similar routine to the Summer months. During the Summer we (well some of us) get too much sun, it dehydrates our skin so we have got to keep our skin’s hydration balance in check.

Another key essential not only in the Summer months but Winter too, is to apply a low SPF on your skin to protect your skin from the UV rays. Any dermatologist will say SPFs are vital to keep in your skincare regime, to protect your skin from UV damage all year round and help with signs of ageing. Wearing a lightweight SPF every day will help your skin even on those cloudy, overcast days.




UltraSun Face Anti-aging Formula, LaRoche Posay Anthelios Clear Skin, Kiehl’s Ultra Light UV Defense.


Hydration and Brightening Masks:

Origins GinZing Peel-Off Mask, Clinique Moisture Surge Night Mask, Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance.

Facial Oils:

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil, The Body Shop Oils of Life Facial Oil, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.


Cleansing Creams or Balms:

Emma Harding Cleansing Balm, La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Hydrating Cleansing Cream.

A gentler way to cleanse the skin and a relaxing way to remove makeup.

Intensely Hydrating Night Cream:

Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus, BodyShop Vitamin E Night Cream, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Rescue.

Look out for hydraluronic acid to conquer dehydration and fine lines.

Lip Balm:

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, Dr. PAWPAW Original Clear Balm, Burts Bees Ultra Conditioning Balm with Kokum Butter.



With the help of your hydrating skincare routine your skin should be on it’s way to feeling plump, looking fresh and bringing out that glow. Here are a few make-up essentials to help create a glowing goddess look.


Eyelash Curlers

Wide awake eyes are the quickest way to get standout lashes.


Tinted Moisturiser

Don’t cover up your gorgeous natural glowing skin too much. Give your skin a helping hand throughout the day by applying a moisturising tinted moisturiser/BB cream.

If the weather is drying out your skin and foundations/concealers feel tight and dry at the end of the day opt to find the hydrating products for this season.


Long Lasting Eye Shadows Sticks

Crayon/Stick eye shadows are easy to use without getting excess glitter/shimmer all over your face. Try some gorgeous neutral shades to give your eyes a bit of a pop.

For a cream shimmer haze try Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick in Sugarfrost – Tan Biege Shimmer.



To add some Summer warmth to your face.

et viola! A glowing Autumn/Winter goddess!


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Another £10 Tasty Bargain! Great Bath Feast ‘Tenner Treats’: The Clifton Sausage Bath

I had to make the most of The Great Bath Feasts amazing ‘Tenner Treat’ offer, AND this time, I visited somewhere that serves one of my all-time, favourite meals… EVER! The classic, BANGERS AND MASH!!

The Clifton Sausage, Bath.

“a trio of gourmet sausages (Bath Blue cheese & leek, Clifton and Old Spot Pork) served with creamy mash and homemade gravy and accompanied by a 125ml glass of house red, white, rosé wine or a soft drink for £10 at The Clifton Sausage throughout The Great Bath Feast

Perfect comfort food for the cooler Autumn months.

First of all, I was surprised at how big this restaurant was – covering two floors and extending out into a conservatory and outdoor terrace at the back, they have a great view of Bath. We sat in the perfect spot to see the view and were very excited to treat ourselves to a classic British dish.

So, get to it! The meal! 

As I mentioned above, this meal is my favourite meal, OF ALL TIME (not being over the top, it seriously is!). If it’s anywhere on a menu I have to have it! Sooo… I don’t think it’s going too far to say that I am quite the “connoisseur” of sausages and mash 😉

It was a delicious meal made up of three varieties of gourmet sausages – Bath blue cheese & leek, The Clifton (pork, cider and wholegrain mustard) and Gloucester Old Spot Traditional Pork, accompanied with mash potato, onion gravy and parsnip crisps.

The presentation was great, with a good amount of parsnip crisps on top and a generous serving of gravy on the side.

The sausages were great! I really enjoyed all the flavours but the flavour that stood out for me was the traditional Gloucester Old Spot pork sausage. Second in line was the Bath Blue cheese and leek sausage, it was nice to have a stronger flavour come through but the sausage meat was slightly crumbly (if that’s the right word to explain it). Finally, The Clifton sausage with pork, cider and wholegrain mustard. This was nice, however, I would have much preferred to eat this sausage in a casserole (such as my Mum’s homemade sausage, apple & cider casserole). Still, it was great to be able to try three different varieties of sausage in one meal!

One small issue to note – not a massive issue, just a small one – was that I was a little disappointed in the amount of mash. Maybe this is just me being a mash fiend and maybe I don’t need/shouldn’t have a giant mountain of mash potato on my plate (think of the carbs Katie!) but let’s just say for me this wasn’t my “normal” portion of mash (…usually a half plate’s worth if I’m being honest). But I guess that is what you are paying for, £10 for a meal and a drink.

Still, if you are a sausage and mash connoisseur like me I would definitely pay The Clifton Sausage a visit – these sausages are too good to be missed!

FYI: NOT PART OF THE GBF OFFER BUT… we finished our meal off with a cheeky Eton Mess 😉

GBF Tenner Treat abbey hotel bath

Not to be missed! Great Bath Feast ‘Tenner Treats’: The Abbey Hotel Bath


On the hunt to treat yourself to some delicious food and drink at this year’s GREAT BATH FEAST?

GBF Tenner Treat abbey hotel bath GBF Tenner Treat abbey hotel bath

Make the most of their great ‘Tenner Treats’ offers for the next two weeks (ends 8th October).

Myself and fellow Bath blogger Georgie visited The Abbey Hotel ArtBar for their ‘Tenner Treats’ offer. Choose from a selection of delicious bar snacks (2 dishes per person) and a glass of wine or beer for only £10 each. What a bargain!

GBF Tenner Treat Abbey HotelGBF Tenner Treat abbey hotel bathGBF Tenner Treat

We chose the salt and pepper squid with tomato and chilli salsa, two scotched quail’s egg with a DELICIOUS homemade brown sauce and finally some salt cod croquettes with saffron and garlic aioli. Out of the three dishes, I think the Scotched quail’s egg was my favourite – particularly because the homemade brown sauce was amazing! (And for someone who isn’t fussed about brown sauce that’s saying something!)

GBF Tenner Treat abbey hotel bath

GBF Tenner Treat

Don’t miss out! Go and try one of these great Tenner Treat offers at one of the many restaurants in Bath. Instead of using that tenner you would normally spend on an “occasional” weekly takeaway, use it to experience a local foodie hotspot in Bath instead.

Find the offers here: Great Bath Feast ‘Tenner Treats’

**I would advise calling any of the restaurants ahead of your visit to check what times the offers run – sometimes only Mon-Fri or only afternoons with some venues.

Joy can be “terrifying”: How To Practice Gratitude

[Video at the end]

“Cultivating gratitude and joy: “Letting go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark”

I thought I had worked out how to feel truly grateful and not take things for granted, but I think, after watching this video, I have been kidding myself. Do I really enjoy those moments of happiness fully? Or does that niggling thought of, “what if this never happens again… what if I don’t see them again… what if, what if” creep in and take over? Those feelings definitely hover around my mind in moments of happiness and joy which means that I’m not truly enjoying the moment.

I can’t believe just one YouTube video would make it so crystal clear and give me a new outlook on how to practice gratitude.

Dr. Brene Brown and Oprah discuss Dr. Browns book, “Daring Greatly” and highlight the “Guideposts for Wholehearted Living”.

No. 3 – Cultivating gratitude and joy: “Letting go of Scarcity and Fear of the Dark”

Dr. Brown explains that “when we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding” – because we are scared joy will be taken away if we don’t acknowledge the other, darker thoughts; meaning that we never fully LEAN INTO those joyful moments, just in case we never have it again.

Even writing that out helps it make sense to me. If we NEVER fully allow ourselves to feel joy, enjoy the moment, and feel truly happy, then we restrict ourselves from living a joyful life – and we do not deserve that!

“In moments of joyfulness we try to beat vulnerability to the punch”

Key Moment:

3.22 seconds in

Another key moment in this discussion was when Dr. Brown mentioned what a man once said to her about being joyful.

“My whole life, I never got too excited, too joyful  about anything – just stayed in the middle – that way, if things didn’t work out I wasn’t devastated and if they did work out it was a pleasant surprise.”

Writing and reading it back on here has really clicked with me and it seems so silly that many of us (including myself) actually follow his way of thinking without realising.

Then Dr Brown mentioned that after this man lost his wife in a car accident he then said to her:

“the second I realised that she was gone, the first thing I thought was, I should have leaned harder into those moments of joy because that did not protect me from what I feel right now”

Dr. Brown mentions that some of us seem to dress rehearse tragedy, to protect and shield ourselves from bad things BUT this is not the way to live a full, happy life. Instead, all we need to do is practice gratitude.

“Once you actively practice gratitude you go through the day looking for it.”

It made so much sense when she mentioned that a lot of people, after losing someone they love, actually miss the ordinary, smaller, day to day things, rather than the extraordinary things.

So really, it can be so easy to practice gratitude everyday, from the moment you wake up to the people you meet throughout your day. The ordinary things in life should not be taken for granted and by actively practicing gratitude and thinking positively you can then enjoy those moments of joy and happiness fully – shutting out those thoughts of fear and negativity in the background.

It sounds so simple – and it is – but I think for myself and maybe you too, it does take time to train yourself, to slap those negative feelings in the face in moments of joyfulness.

Hope you get as much out of the video as I did. Enjoy!

NEW! NANABAR London: “like ice cream, but good for you”


“like ice cream, but good for you”

London’s first made-to-order Nice Cream bar – 45 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch.


After popping to London for a few errands, walking through Shoreditch where I used to spend a lot of time visiting my sister, I stumbled across a new foodie hot spot.

It caught my eye as I saw a photographer outside taking photos. As I glanced in I could see people sat on giant wooden steps (picture below), loud music blaring out and a buzz of people inside. I glanced at the sign and read MADE WITH FROZEN BANANAS, before reading on I immediately thought back to my old uni housemate showing me how she made healthy ice-cream by freezing bananas and blending them. I remember it tasted amazing – thanks for introducing me to it Alice 😉

Then, reading on, I realised they were selling just that!

The second time I walked past that day I popped in to explore. I walked up to the counter and saw a sign saying ‘Today’s flavour’… it said mango (I hate mango). As I couldn’t see any other flavours I thought, ‘Naah, I’ll give it a miss’, but as I was walking out the founder Justin caught me and asked if I needed any help. I said I didn’t like mango so I wouldn’t be a fan and I couldn’t see any other flavours.

He went on to tell me that they serve one flavour per day and reassured me that they had other great flavours to try too. I started to get interested when he asked if I liked chocolate (how did he know), and mentioned that the Sunday flavour, HAZELNUT TART, is basically Nutella. (Now I’m interested!)

Justin told me that all the ingredients they use to make their Nice Cream are Natural, Organic & 100% Plant-based and persuaded me to try the SATURDAY FLAVOUR:

Mango Nice Cream topped with Coconut flakes, Pumpkin Seeds & Broken Brazil Nuts, served with a Medjool Date caramel.

You can also add extra toppings like chia seeds, nut butters or granola. I chose to add peanut butter, thinking that at least if I didn’t like the other flavours I could just eat the peanut butter. Whilst I was waiting for my order I thought, “How will it be successful… with just one flavour per day, and with people like me, who have a MASSIVE sweet tooth for all things chocolate – how could I be converted to a fruity, healthier option?”


(you knew this was coming),

…after trying a pot of flavours/ingredients that don’t usually take my fancy I was completely surprised! I don’t like mango, or coconut or brazil nuts but I devoured the whole pot!


Homemade caramel made out of medjool dates

After thinking that I wouldn’t like any of the ingredients I was so surprised that I loved every single mouthful. 

It was refreshing and moreish, and even after eating a large pot of Nice Cream you didn’t feel over indulged on sweetness. It was just the perfect amount of sweet, icy, deliciousness!

The NICE-CREAM (as they like to call it) had the lightness of sorbet and the yummy, moreish-ness of ice-cream.  As you tucked into the flavoured nice-cream you occasionally came across a lump of frozen banana, adding a nice refreshing crunch.

You also get a substantial amount of nice-cream for your money, and it is definitely enough to share between two!

One pot of Nice Cream £5.50 (with no added extras)
– Granola 50p
– Regular shots: Chia/Flax/Peanut Butter 50p
– Premium shots: Hemp/Almond Butter 75p
So far I’ve tried one flavour combination and it was delicious. On my way to London again today and I’m definitely popping back in to try the MONDAY FLAVOUR SENSATION. 

Check out my Instagram to find out what flavour I try next >> @katiewoo_

NEW Smashburger Bath Review

“…proving that the burger experience can be a superior one”

Smashburger originated in Denver in 2007 and now has over 370 locations within ten countries. Luckily, in May this year Smashburger was brought over to the UK. Starting in Milton Keynes and then setting up in Brighton, Newcastle and now Bath.

“an innovative approach to the humble burger, transforming the fast food staple from the predictably mediocre to a must-try explosive taste sensation.”

Once we sat down and had a look through the menu the lovely Gordy talked us through the menu and told us why their burgers are unique and different to anyone else’s.

SMASHBurgers unique cooking method:

The secret’s in the “smash” – a unique method of cooking whereby 100% British Red Tractor Assured beef is hand-formed into a meatball and then smashed onto a hot buttered grill, searing in all the juices and flavour, producing a burger unlike any other.

The burgers are always made-to-order, never frozen, and all produce is sourced from reputable, local UK suppliers and designed to be cooked and ready to devour in less than six minutes.

What I liked is that you could choose either a beef, veggie or chicken burger (chicken either grilled or fried), and you could also create your own burger combo too! Gordy did mention that someone has had both beef and chicken in one burger before (interesting choice!).

Since we could not decide on what burgers to get we decided, upon Gordy’s recommendation, to try THREE (yes, THREE!) different burgers. I really don’t know how we ate it all… but all for a good review peeps 😉

“Developed by Smashburger Founder Tom Ryan in Denver USA, the founding location, original recipes such as the Classic Smash, BBQ Bacon Cheddar, Truffle Mushroom Swiss and Bacon Cheeseburger can be found worldwide alongside a menu of many more.”

“Part of Smashburger’s rich ethos is to develop a Local Smash dish for every location meaning that there are now over 370 unique recipes keeping locally produced food items at the core of their ever-expanding menu. The UK exclusive Stilton Stack burger marries the signature “smash” patty with sweet chutney, fresh rocket, crispy haystack onions, Applewood smoked bacon and Stilton cheese, all piled high on a Smashbun.”


















1st burger: BBQ, Bacon & Cheddar

BBQ sauce with applewood smoked bacon, cheddar & haystack onions on a Smash bun.

Order again? Yes! Great combination of flavours and enjoyed the crispy crunch of the haystack onions.

2nd burger: Sweet Butternut & Chickpea Veggie Burger

Chutney with rocket and pickles, served on a multi-grain bun.

Order again? I enjoyed the veggie bean pattie and the chutney, however I wasn’t as keen on the burger bun. Maybe because it was the healthier option 😉 Also, after eating half of the BBQ burger before, with a brioche bun, I think this bun had a lot to live up to.

3rd burger: The Truffle Mushroom Swiss with Grilled Chicken

Sauteed chestnut mushrooms with truffle mayo & aged Swiss on a Smash bun.

Order again? Oh. My. Goodness. YES! This is the POSH Smashburger. The chicken was moist and the truffle mayo was absolutely delicious. For someone who isn’t a massive fan of mushrooms, this was incredible!

Easy to eat!

I loved the size of the burgers. The bun wasn’t gigantic so you could easily pick it up and eat it – unlike some restaurants where you find they put a stick or knife in it just to hold it together.


We also ordered a side of SMASH Fries, tossed in garlic and rosemary.

You can tell when fries are really good, when you don’t need a dipping sauce!

Finally, we ordered the deep fried pickles. I don’t even like pickles AND usually take them out of burgers, however, for some reason these were so moreish I kept going back for more. The slices of pickles came with a ranch dipping sauce.


















‘handspun’ shake made with Häagen–Dazs® ice cream in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, Oreo and chocolate Oreo flavours.
















We tried the Oreo and chocolate and Strawberry shakes. The oreo and chocolate was gone in about 5 minutes (that’s quick right?). Luckily, with the shakes, we also given the leftover shake in the mixing tumbler, which surprisingly was another glass worth of milkshake.

Once you start drinking these shakes you can’t stop – I had to move it to the other side of the table to carry on with my meal again – it was very difficult to choose between burger and shake.

The Strawberry shake was also delicious. I am not usually a fan of strawberry flavoured milkshakes however this flavour wasn’t too sickly sweet. I think this shake has converted me into liking strawberry milkshakes.

















We didn’t try any desserts – obviously, after 3 burgers, 2 sides and the milkshakes we couldn’t find the room to indulge in a sweet treat to finish. However, look at the options – I think I’ll go back just for the Oreo Chocolate Doughnut!!

















As soon as I walked in it felt like a traditional American diner, with sofa seats, sit up bar along the window and the Coca Cola Freestyle touch-screen soda fountain (apparently with over 100 different fizzy drinks). It felt like we were in an American teen movie, sipping our giant shakes and listening to their epic playlist of songs. The modern diner experience was continued upstairs, with more sofa bench seating AND great round sofa seating for larger groups – called “curved banquette seating”. We could not ignore the epic black and white photos of New York as we walked up the stairs and spread across the wall.

All the staff were friendly and chatty, and you could tell you were being served by people who really loved the food. Smashburger is relaxed enough for you to pop in for a basket of fried pickles and a shake (just a casual healthy snack), but also nice enough to take friends and family out for a special meal.

“the quality of high-end casual dining with speed, efficiency and value.”

So! Overall, I would definitely choose to come here again.

  1. You can create your own burger.
  2. I like the size of the burgers and the size of the bun burger. Easy to eat.
  3. The flavour combinations, sides, shakes…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ok, I tried to narrow it down to three points but I couldn’t.                                                                                 Let’s just say, 5 days later I was eating another Truffle Mushroom Swiss Chicken burger again!!                                                                                             

SMASHBurger Bath:

Order on Deliveroo:

NEW Tapas Revolution Restaurant in Bath



It was lovely to be invited to Tapas Revolution Bath last week ahead of their opening. We were greeted by the chef and founder Omar Allibhoy who has seven tapas restaurants over the country. This restaurant is his biggest restaurant so far. He has been a busy man, releasing his second cookbook alongside launching Tapas Revolution in Bath. Whilst sipping on their range of different gin and tonics drinks and nibbling on small tapas plates we were introduced to Omar.

We were then taken into the kitchen to get our hands dirty. In groups of three we made our own paella, following a traditional recipe. Omar talked us though the ingredients and cooking techniques used to make a glorious, flavoursome paella.
Omar’s Top Tips for cooking a traditional paella
A few things surprised me…
  • Seasoning the pan first, which I have never done before.
  • Not stirring the chicken, searing it instead to keep in moisture.
  • Finally, the technique I couldn’t get my head around, because it goes against everything I have learnt whilst cooking – STIRRING THE PAELLA ONCE! YES, ONCE!! Instead of stirring we occasionally shook the pan. Omar told us that the more we stir the dish the most starch will come out of the rice, making it sticky.

The weird rabbit face you pull when you think you’ve done something wrong and messed up the dish… 😉

 “With paella there is no exact recipe – it’s all by eye” Omar Allibhoy

Paella de pollo: Chicken, green beans and chicken stock.

We then sat down to enjoy our delicious paella and were served lots of other tapas plates. The ham and cheese croquettes being my favourite (Croquetas de jamón: deep-fried Ibérico ham and béchamel croquettes). These were little melt in the mouth joys! Not too stodgy or rich – so you can end up eating them VERY quickly. According to Omar, you can judge how great a tapas restaurant is depending on how good their croquettes are.
Classic Patatas Bravos

Pulpo a la gallega: steamed octopus with potatoes and pimentón paprika.

First time trying octopus and it was delicious! 
Not only were we served a moreish selection of tapas dishes, we were given endless amounts of cocktails to try. Yes, that is three cocktails in front of me… I tried them all 😉

The restaurant will also serve breakfast and lunch.

Finally, finishing our meal with a sweet treat.

Torrija, caramelised brioche bun soaked in custard, served warm. This was extremely moreish and actually surprising light.

I love that this restaurant is suitable for all kinds of occasions, casual drinks and a few tapas dishes sat at the bar, breakfast (very intrigued to find out more about the brekkie dishes), or a full sit down meal. Sharing paella and a jug of sangria. What is also very helpful is the set menus, a ready-made selection of tapas dishes – because if you are like me it would take a year to choose just a few of their delicious dishes to try.

Thanks again to Omar Allibhoy for giving us a tapas masterclass. Cannot wait to go back and eat that paella again.