To celebrate Easter Weekend myself and UltraRunnerBean decided to visit two of our favourite wine and dine spots in Bath.

First, the new wine lounge in Milsom Place called Le Vignoble (blog post coming very soon), and second, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PLACES TO EAT, The Ivy Brasserie Bath. The reason we decided to eat there was because The Ivy have a NEW special, limited edition, Easter bunny dessert on their menu (only there until Monday 2nd April!) With us both being chohoholics we thought we MUST go and try it! 

[If we want to see our whole meal at The Ivy read below — or if you want to skip to the dessert, scroll down to the bottom]


To Start

To start we had Zucchini Fritto (courgette fries). So thin and not greasy like some fries are, they were very moreish! Served with a lemon, chilli and mint yoghurt. It looks like a lot of fries but once you start eating you can’t stop!

Crispy courgette fries with lemon, chilli and mint yoghurt

The Mains

I ordered my favourite, The Ivy Shepherds Pie. This dish is exquisite! The combination of minced lamb with small chunks of melt in the mouth slow-cooked lamb & the local Wookey Hole cheddar mash on top makes this shepherds pie stand out to any other I have had.

Slow-braised lamb shoulder with beef and Wookey Hole Cheddar potato mash

Plus, to accompany this dish you are served a side of gravy and a bottle of Worcester sauce. (They know me so well) SAUCE IS EVERYTHING! Not that this dish needs a lot of sauce but I LOVE how they give you extra sauce just in case.

Of course I did cover mine in gravy – you can’t not, the gravy tastes so good!

(Sharing a plate of Green Beans with Almonds on the side)

The other main course (which I will be ordering next time I’m in) was outstanding. From one mouthful of lamb and I was instantly jealous!!

Mustard and herb crust with creamed potato, garlic, spring vegetables and a rosemary sauce

UltraRunnerBean, who was eating this dish said:

“That was the best lamb I’ve ever had!”

I don’t think I need to say any more… that says it all. Melt in the mouth lamb! No wonder we were both quiet eating.





Melting Chocolate Easter Bunny

Served Friday 30th March – Monday 2nd April, this limited edition Easter dessert is a pure indulgent treat.

Priced at £7.95, the dessert features mouth-watering chocolate mousse, honeycomb and popping candy, all encased in a chocolatey bunny-shaped shell and accompanied with milk foam and a drizzle of warm caramel sauce.

Not too sweet and still quite light, this dessert was also a “stop talking and eat” dish. Don’t get me wrong, this was pure chocolate indulgence but it still didn’t taste TOO sweet or TOO much — so what I’m saying is, you CAN eat it all to yourself and not feel bad! Ha!

The airy, light chocolate mousse with spoonful of the golden chocolate bunny with a gooey chocolate centre was perfection!


Sorry Bunny!!

Oh and we had to have another one of my favourite dishes too: my FAVOURITE (I know, I’m saying this a lot – but it’s true!) Creme Brûlée!

Classic set vanilla custard with a caramelised sugar crust

Thank you to The Ivy Brasserie Bath for another great meal, and special thank you to our waitress, Harriet.P. – great service!!

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all have a great long weekend!!

The Ivy Brasserie Bath – All Day Casual Dining Restaurant

39 Milsom Street, Bath

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